Best Aria Bass Guitars

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Top Best Aria Bass Guitars

Now the market for bass guitars is more diverse than ever. Any musician from beginner to professional can choose a bass that suits their wants and needs. Moreover, the market now offers models for left-handers, guitarists with small hands, women, children, and so on. Thus, each brand tries to adjust the tool as much as possible to the needs of the client.

Aria is a brand that makes good quality guitars for different needs and musical genres. If you are a fan of this company and are looking for aria bass guitars for sale, aria pro ii bass guitars or other quality models, then our guide is exactly what you need. Below, we’ll take a closer look at what makes Aria basses so special and grow your focus on the best models on the market right now.

What Should You Know About Aria Bass Guitars

First of all, we would like to note that Ariana electric bass guitars are instruments that have a double-cut and are made by professional craftsmen. Speaking about the body shape of the Aria, one cannot fail to note the similarity with the Les Paul. However, the Aria has two cutaways, which will give you more comfortable access to the upper frets. In addition, the instruments of this brand have a scale length of 34 inches and are usually equipped with two humbucking pickups.

Both acoustic and electric guitars of the Aria brand are currently manufactured in Indonesia and offer users incredible quality with good sound. Many musicians know this brand precisely because of the high-end Aria Pro II model. If you can’t afford this guitar and are on a budget, you can also check out the Aria STG-003, which also sounds great. It’s also worth noting that the Aria Pro II RS Series are made in Japan and are known for their incredible build quality.

When and Where Was Aria Founded?

Aria was founded over 70 years ago in 1950 and has been making guitars ever since. At the moment, production is underway in Japan. Now the range of the company is quite diverse and Ariana produces many different guitars, namely acoustic, electric and bass guitars. In addition, it should be noted that this brand is a favorite of many musicians precisely because of the build quality and attention to detail.

Who are Aria Bass Guitars for?

Initially, the goal of the Japanese company Aria was to create high-quality musical instruments at a reasonable price. It should also be noted that the musical instruments of this brand are quite versatile, so you can purchase them regardless of the musical style that you prefer. However, we want to draw your attention to the fact that Aria guitars have nylon strings, which will give you a softer sound.

Initially, Ariana guitars were created to compete with classical acoustic guitars in order to provide musicians with a more affordable alternative. That is why if you are a beginner musician, then this brand will offer you a huge number of options, including those with nylon strings. If you do not know which Aria bass guitar to choose, we advise you to seek the help of an expert, a consultant or to study our top of the best models of this brand.

Aria or Martin?

If you’re not new to the world of music, the worst thing you know is that Aria and Martin are quite popular in the music community. Moreover, both companies have a long history and provide good quality tools. However, unlike Martin, Aria often has more affordable prices. Martin, on the other hand, provides a wider range of options. If you choose between these two companies, then we want to note that each of them is good in its own way. The Aria is a great option if you’re looking for a good quality bass guitar at an affordable price, but if you have the money and are looking for something a little more luxurious then go for the Martin.

Top Best Aria Bass Guitars

Here are our top picks:

Best Aria Bass Guitars


Body: Ash

Pickguard: Anodized Aluminum

Neck: Roasted Maple, Bolt-on

Fingerboard: Rosewood

Number of Frets: 24

Scale Length: 864mm

Pickups: Neck – PV-4 (Alnico-5), Bridge – JV-4 (Alnico-5)

Controls: Volume, Tone, Balancer

Tailpiece: Wilkinson

Hardware: Chrome

Finish: BB (Bourbon Barrel)

If you were looking for a model from the Aria pro bass guitars series, then the 313-BB-Detroit might be a great option for you. First of all, we would like to point out that this guitar is extremely versatile and will offer you great tonal variety, no matter what genre you prefer.

We want to pay special attention to the roasted maple neck and rosewood fingerboard, which will give you an incredible rumbling tone. In addition, the bass has an incredible design and a dark brown ash body, which also creates a strong powerful sound.

This model will be an excellent option for both a novice musician and a professional who wants to get a good durable bass.

Best Aria Bass Guitars

2)J-B Bass

Body: Popular

Neck: Maple, Bolt-on

Fingerboard: Rosewood

Number of Frets: 22

Scale Length: 813mm (32″)

Pickups: OJ-5 Single Coil x 2 (Alnico-5)

Controls: Volume x1, Tone x1, PU Selector x1

Bridge: VFB-1C

Hardware: Chrome

Finishes: SVW (See-Through Vintage White), 3TS (3 Tone Sunburst), BK (Black)

Another model from the Aria pro bass guitars series that we definitely have to recommend is the J-B Bass from J Series. Speaking about this model, first of all we would like to note that it will be an ideal option for entry-level musicians who are looking for an unusual sound and appearance.

J-B Bass has a curvy single cut design that immediately grabs attention. Also, the guitar has a medium scale, which will be a great option for a beginner.

The guitar is equipped with OJ-5 Single Coil x 2 (Alnico-5) pickups and produces an incredibly clear powerful sound that will perfectly cope with various musical genres. So, if you are a beginner and looking for the first good quality bass guitar, check out the J-B Bass.

Best Aria Bass Guitars

3) SB-1000

Body: Ash

Neck: Maple/Walnut 7ply, Neck-thru Body, Heel-Less Cutaway

Fingerboard: Ebony

Number of Frets: 24

Scale Length: 864mm (34 inches)

Pickups: MB-1E Double Coil x 1

Controls: Volume x 1, Tone x 1, Attack Mode Selector (B.B. Circuit), Bypass Switch

Machine Heads: Gotoh GB707

Tailpiece: Gotoh J510BO-4

Hardware: Gold

Finishes: OAK (Oak), PR (Paduak Red), SBK (See-through Black)

The SB-1000 is a model from Aria which is made in Japan and has an untidy build quality. It should also be noted that the Aria Pro II SB series has received recognition from a huge number of musicians, such as Marcus Miller, John Taylor and others.

A distinctive feature of this bass is its smooth and comfortable neck-through body, which provides excellent access to all frets, as well as excellent sustain.

Apart from that, we should also draw your attention to the BB Circut, which was one of the features that made the SB series famous. Thus, with just one turn of a knob, you can provide tremendous tonal versatility and experiment with sound as you please.

Best Aria Bass Guitars


Body: Basswood

Pickguard: Anodized Aluminum

Neck: Maple, Bolt-on

Fingerboard: Maple

Frets: 24F

Scale: 864 mm

Pickups: OJ-1 x 2

Controls: Volume, Balancer, Tone

Tailpiece: VFB-1C

Hardware: Chrome

Pickguard: Gold Anodized

Finish: BK (Black), WH (White)

For many years, the Aria Pro II RSB has been one of the best-selling Aria basses in history, with not only an attractive design, but also an incredible sound that will appeal to both professionals and beginners. Initially, these basses appeared back in the distant 80s, and are still popular all over the world.

Speaking specifically, the RSB-618/4 is a solid body electric bass guitar with simple tone control and Jazz bass pickups. In addition, its traditional RSB shape with a deep cut should also be noted, which also gives comfortable access to all frets.

Best Aria Bass Guitars


Body: Basswood

Neck: Maple

Fingerboard: Rosewood

Number of Frets: 20

Scale Length: 780 mm (30-1/2″)

Pickups: Mini Humbucker x 2

Controls: Volume x 1, Tone x 1, PU Selector x 1

Hardware: Chrome

Finishes: 3TS (3Tone Sunburst), BK (Black), VW (Vintage White)

DMB-206 from Retro Classics is another incredible musical instrument from Aria that has a vintage design and unique sound. This series dates back to the 60s and the DMB-206 model itself echoes the unique old school aesthetic while adding characteristics for the modern musician.

A distinctive feature of the DMB-206 is its short scale, as well as the case itself, which is smaller than standard ones. Thus, this model will be an excellent option for musicians with small hands or beginners who are looking for their first bass.


Aria is a good quality guitar brand that has stood the test of time and has models to suit every need. If you don’t know what to choose among the huge variety of models on offer, our top 5 best Aria bass guitar should help you find what you are looking for.

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