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There are of course several super-cheap half sized acoustic guitars available, but these are essentially toys and will only serve to frustrate your child in the long run. Do yourself (and your kid!) a favor and get them a proper instrument – like the ones we suggest below. But don’t worry – they’re still incredibly affordable!

If you’ve checked out our sizing guide you’ll know that a 1/2 size acoustic guitar should be just about right for kids aged roughly 5-8 years (around 3’10” to 4’6″). Should this potentially be too small for your child, then head over to our 3/4 size acoustic guitar article.

Oscar Schmidt OGHS

There is only one 1/2 size kids acoustic guitar that I recommend, and that is the excellent Oscar Schmidt OGHS. Pick your favorite color and you’re done. Easy!

The OGHS is available in a selection of colors and is definitely a guitar, rather than a toy. For those not in the know, Oscar Schmidt is actually produced by Washburn Guitars, so you can be safe in the knowledge that these are fantastic little guitars.

The guitar features the most popular dreadnought body style for comfort and quality of sound. Other features include a spruce top, catalpa back and sides, mahogany neck, and rosewood fretboard and bridge. Surprisingly at this low price point, the guitars also come with full body and neck binding with stylish abalone accents. Unlike cheaper ‘toy’ guitars, the Oscar Schmidts also have a truss-rod to allow you to correct any neck warping which might occur as a result of temperature change throughout the year. To top things off, all Oscar Schmidt guitars come with a lifetime warranty.

Great value for money! In our opinion these are the best 1/2 size kids acoustic guitars available – without spending a small fortune on a custom built model of course!

Hit the button below to see what colors are currently in-stock.



You’re not quite done yet! There’s a couple of cheap gadgets that you’ll probably want to pick up with your new 1/2 half size kids acoustic guitar. A tuner? Maybe some picks or a strap?

Check out our beginner accessories guide to make sure you pick up everything you’ll need to get the best possible start.

Nylon String vs Steel String

I’m adding this section as we’ve had many questions from parents wondering whether to get their child a nylon string guitar, or a steel-string (which is what this article talks about). You may have received advice from friends, or read on the internet that a nylon string classical is the easier instrument to start out on.

Here is what you should do. Buy them whatever instrument they want to play. Electric, acoustic, bass…whatever they need to emulate the artists they admire.

While a nylon strung guitar will be a little easier on the fingers, there is just no point in buying budding Ed Sheeran’s a guitar designed to play Greensleeves on. They’ll get bored, frustrated and potentially lose interest. Get them the best tool for the job and they will thank you for it.

That just about wraps things up. Hopefully this guide has helped you find the best 1/2 size kids acoustic guitar!

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