Best Jackson Bass Guitars

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Top Best Jackson Bass Guitars

When it comes to bass guitars, many musicians get lost because they don’t know which instrument to pick. The fact is that now the market for musical instruments is more diverse than ever, and there are a huge number of options that you can pay attention to. If you are a beginner musician, most likely you do not know where to start at all. Moreover, even professionals can find it quite difficult to choose a model that suits their desires and needs.

Of course, the choice of bass guitar will largely depend on what musical style you prefer. Thus, if you like rock or metal music, then there is nothing better than bass guitars from Jackson. For many years this brand has been the choice of many professional musicians who prefer these genres. That is why today we decided to leave the guide and draw your attention to the top best Jackson guitars bass that are on the market in 2023.

Top Best Jackson Bass Guitars

Here are our top picks:

Best Jackson Bass Guitars

1)Jackson JS Series Spectra Bass JS3

We decided to start our top with a model that is classic enough to suit most players – the Jackson JS Series Spectra Bass JS3.

This is a full size 34 inches four string bass that measures the dimensions of 41 x 17 x 4.5 inches. It comes in classic black, which looks neat yet aggressive – just right for heavy music styles. The weight of this model is 11 pounds.

Speaking of the Jackson JS Series Spectra Bass JS3 construction, the model has a bolt on maple neck with graphite reinforcement.

Also not to mention, this bass comes with a 12″ to 16″ compound radius and a 24-fret laurel fingerboard. Testing this model, we came to the conclusion that it is as comfortable as possible to play it, regardless of whether you do it sitting or standing.

Among other things, it should also be noted that this bass is equipped with a passive Jackson medium output Humbucker bridge and neck pickups. What’s more, the pickup coil is split and it has blended controls and 3 band EQs with separate volume controls, giving you maximum control over the tone and achieving exactly the sound you want.

So, if you’re looking for a good full-range bass with a versatile sound, check out the Jackson JS Series Spectra Bass JS3.

Best Jackson Bass Guitars

2)Jackson JS Series Concert Bass JS3VQ 5-String

If you’re looking for a bass that’s perfect for gigs and performances, the Jackson JS Series Concert Bass JS3VQ 5-String is definitely the perfect choice for you. However, please note that if you want a classic four-string bass, then this guitar is not for you, as it comes with an extra fifth string.

This JS Series Jackson is made of Ash Wood, Maple and Poplar, while the back material is of basswood. She also has a maple top and maple bolt on neck with 24 inch jumbo frets. In addition, it should be noted that this guitar weighs more than the previous model – 18 pounds.

Speaking of sound, we want to point out that this model has Jackson dual high-output humbucking bass pickups that will provide you with powerful sound and incredible low-end growl, while a high mass bridge provides rock-solid stability.

We would like to draw special attention to the fact that the Jackson JS Series Concert Bass JS3VQ 5-String has an active 3-band EQ and a pair of volume control knobs to tweak tone. This way you get a lot of room to experiment with the tone of this model.

Speaking of the hardware, it has a high mass bridge with sealed die cast tuners. The Jackson JS Series Concert Bass JS3VQ 5-String is a good quality guitar that has its own distinctive style, versatile sound and accessibility for most bass players.

Best Jackson Bass Guitars

3) Jackson JS3V 7 String Bass

The next model from Jackson, which we will talk about, has an interesting feature – seven strings. Thus, if you are looking for a traditional bass guitar, then this model will not suit you, but if you are looking for an incredible bass that will provide you with maximum tonal diversity, then the Jackson JS3V 7 String Bass is exactly what you are looking for.

This is a 35-in-scale model that has a comfortable lightweight and resonant poplar body. I would also like to separately note the fully bound bolt-on maple neck with graphite reinforcement and scarf joint.

What’s more, the guitar also features a 12-in a”16-in compound radius rosewood fingerboard with 24 jumbo frets for maximum playing comfort. However, the thing that makes the Jackson JS3V 7 String Bass unique is the classic shark-fin inlays.

In addition, we would like to note that this bass guitar is available in a metallic blue burst finish, which will certainly draw attention to it.

Speaking of the weight of this model, it is fairly standard at 17.88 pounds. In addition, the Jackson JS3V 7 String Bass is equipped with active/passive humbuckers, which are extremely versatile and suitable for different musical styles.

So, if you are looking for one of the 7 string bass jackson guitars that not only looks great but also sounds incredible, get the Jackson JS3V 7 String Bass.

Best Jackson Bass Guitars

4)Jackson Pro Series Spectra Bass SBP V 5-String

If you are a professional musician and are looking for a good quality bass guitar from Jackson, you would advise you to purchase a model like the Jackson Pro Series Spectra Bass SBP V 5-String.

This is a full-sized bass guitar of 42 x 14 x 4 inches with a weight of 16.35 pounds, which will miss you indifferent both for its incredible looks and unforgettable sound.

This model will be an excellent option for those bass players who are looking for something unique and extravagant instead of the classics. The Jackson Pro Series Spectra Bass SBP V 5-String features a multi-laminate flatsawn ash, walnut, maple, and mahogany body wrapped in a stage-stealing Blue Burst finish that grabs attention from the first seconds.

We would like to pay special attention to her 5-piece Maple/Walnut neck and caramelized Jatoba fingerboard. In addition, the model is equipped with 2 Ndstr SB5 pickups, which are extremely versatile and will be good for various musical styles.

The Jackson Pro Series Spectra Bass SBP V 5-String is an incredible model that impresses with both its build quality and professional sound. If you are an experienced bass player looking for an extravagant performance instrument, this guitar is your best choice.


Jackson is the music brand that surprises no matter what kind of guitar you are looking for. Moreover, it will provide an incredible selection of different models for almost any budget. Looking for Jackson bass guitars for sale? Or maybe you dream of Jackson flying v bass guitars? This company will surely find a model that will perfectly match your desires and needs.

However, before moving on to choosing the right bass guitar, pay attention to your own preferences. Do you want a compact bass or a traditional sized model? Do you need a classic four-string, or maybe five, six or even seven-string bass guitar? What style of music do you prefer, what kind of sound do you want to get? By answering these questions, you can find the best bass, and our top will help you make the final decision. Good luck!

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