Best Acoustic Guitars Under $500


There are a lot of great acoustic guitars out there under $500. In fact, some of the best acoustic guitars in the world can be found for this price range.

But with so many options to choose from, it can be tough to know which one is right for you.

To help make your decision a little easier, we’ve put together a list of the best acoustic guitars under $500.

We’ve included both budget-friendly and high-quality options, so there’s something for everyone.

Here are our top picks:

1) Seagull S6

And now for something different. Yes, it’s a guitar… But not as you know it. It’s beautiful to look at and comes with decent hardware including an ebony fingerboard and bone nut and saddle, giving it surprisingly good playability for its price.

Sound wise, the Seagull is fantastic – fat, rich tones across the fretboard.

This semi-acoustic has real potential; the only major drawback being that it comes with single coil pickups rather than humbuckers, which can make things quite muddy in some setups.

If you’re looking for your first electric acoustic, or an affordable backup guitar, the Seagull S6 is well worth a look.

2) Epiphone Hummingbird Pro

If you’re looking for an acoustic guitar that can handle a bit of everything, the Epiphone Hummingbird Pro might be just what you need. This guitar is perfect for both beginners and experienced players, and it’s versatile enough to play a wide range of genres.

The Hummingbird Pro features a solid spruce top and mahogany back and sides, which give it a rich, full sound. It also has a slim taper neck that makes it easy to play, as well as Epiphone’s signature “sloped dovewing” headstock.

3) Fender Sonoran SCE

The Fender Sonoran SCE guitar is one of the company’s best-selling acoustic guitars. It has a dreadnought cutaway body style, and its construction features include a solid spruce top, mahogany back and sides, and a rosewood bridge and fretboard. The Sonoran SCE also comes with onboard electronics, which include a Fishman Presys preamp system with an integrated tuner.

I had the opportunity to test out a Fender Sonoran SCE guitar, and I was really impressed with it. The guitar sounded great acoustically, with plenty of volume and projection. The onboard electronics were also very good, providing a clear and full-sounding signal through an amplifier or PA system. In addition, the built-in tuner was very accurate and easy to use.

4) Yamaha L Series LS6

The Yamaha LS6 is a great guitar for anyone looking for an instrument that can deliver both rich sound and great playability. This guitar has a mahogany body and neck, which gives it a warm and mellow tone.

The rosewood fingerboard provides a smooth playing surface, while the Grover tuning machines keep your strings in tune longer.

Overall, the LS6 is a well-made guitar that sounds great and plays easily.

If you’re looking for an affordable instrument that will provide hours of enjoyment, the Yamaha LS6 is definitely worth considering.

5) Ibanez Exotic Wood AEW40ZW

The Ibanez AEW40ZW is an acoustic-electric guitar made with exotic wood. It has a solid cedar top, mahogany back and sides, and a rosewood fretboard.

The guitar also features Ibanez’s proprietary SYS250 EQ system, which gives you control over the tone and sound of the instrument.

The AEW40ZW sounds great unplugged or plugged in. The cedar top gives the guitar a warm, rich tone, while the mahogany back and sides provide depth and richness.

The rosewood fretboard adds clarity and brightness to the overall sound. And the SYS250 EQ system allows you to tailor the sound of the guitar to your own playing style and preferences.

6) The Loar LH-204 Brownstone

The Loar LH-204 Brownstone is a great-sounding acoustic guitar that is perfect for any player looking for an affordable instrument. The guitar has a mahogany top, back and sides, which gives it a warm, rich tone. It also features a rosewood fingerboard and bridge, which helps to produce a clear, articulate sound.

The LH-204 Brownstone is also very comfortable to play, thanks to its slim neck and low action. This makes it the ideal choice for beginners or anyone looking for an easy-to-play acoustic guitar. The guitar also comes with a deluxe gig bag, so you can take it with you wherever you go.

7) Blueridge BR-43

If you’re in the market for an acoustic guitar, the Blueridge BR-43 may be just what you’re looking for. This guitar is made with quality materials and construction, and it sounds great.

The BR-43 has a Sitka spruce top and mahogany back and sides.

This combination of woods results in a warm, mellow tone that’s perfect for acoustic blues and country music. The guitar also has a clear, bright sound that’s great for fingerpicking and solo playing.

8) Gretsch G5022CE Rancher

What makes this guitar great for me is it’s simplicity. It has all the necessities to play, nothing less and nothing more. Although I’m not a huge fan of sunburst finishes, I’ve to admit that this one looks good on this model. Even if the finish is not my taste, I can’t fault it in any way cosmetically or construction-wise.

The fretboard radius is something people are usually concern about when buying acoustics – whether they’re too flat for fingerstyle playing, etc? And while some other manufacturers do offer 12″ radius necks as standard option – you’ll have pay extra for Gretschs’ 10″ fretboard radius models (Guitar Fetish offers them either way). Good news for me is that my Rancher sports a 12″ fretboard radius – which means no problems with playing demanding chords.

9) Washburn Vintage Series R314KK

When searching for a guitar, people usually go after the specs on paper before they play it – but there is more to it! The first time I saw my guitar was in some youtube video where some dude ranted about his new Washburn R314KK. I wanted to try it immediately without knowing anything about the model or brand – I just fell in love with how it looked and played. After that, everytime I checked out guitars on Youtube/Google Images etc., my eyes searched for Washburn guitars.

A few months later, I found myself playing the same model of wood at several music stores – with slight differences among them (which caused me buying troubles). That’s why this review came to be. If you are also in the search of a guitar with great features, superb quality and at an affordable price range then Washburn Vintage Series R314KK is for you! So let’s take a deep look into this beauty.

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