Best Electric Guitars under $2000

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Anytime you have $2000 dollars to spend on a guitar, you have a wide range of outstanding instruments to choose from.

Buying a guitar at this price can seem quite intimidating.

We’ve had a good look at several of the best guitars and made our list with guitar names you should consider buying.

There are a lot of great guitars you can buy for under $2,000. And it would be a good purchase. This type of guitar will serve you for many years and give you years of fun and enjoyment.

Let’s have a look at our list of the best electric guitars under $2000 that you can buy.

Best Electric Guitars under $2000

1) PRS S2 Custom 24 Faded

This guitar feels very comfortable when standing up or seated with your strap properly hanging on the neck. In terms of weight, you can tell that it’s not a super light guitar but still feel lighter than any Les Paul Standard series in the market today. Literally, you’ll be headbanging without feeling too many neck problems compared to LP that felt like a tree trunk in your arm. You may call me crazy but that’s what I feel! The balance between neck and body is just right for me.

In terms of hardware, the tremolo bridge looks decent enough for trem usage though personally, I don’t use much since I’m more into my Floyd Rose FRX. Tuning stability is great though when I do a crazy sweep picking with it, sometimes the string went out of tune. But if my memory is still correct, most guitars will do that in tremolo usage despite what others said.

Best Electric Guitars under $2000

2) Fender American Standard Stratocaster

The American Standard certainly doesn’t disappoint with its tone either…

To start off with, I plugged it straight into my amp and cranked it up.

The pickups sound great – especially that middle single coil which gives a really funky bite to your sound. And if you’re looking for some classic Strat sounds, the 5-way selector switch offers everything from those more mellow neck and bridge positions to more beefier middle ones. The American Standard is no one trick pony though…

If you feel like adding an extra dimension of dirtiness to your tone, there’s even a push/pull coil tap on the tone knob which means you can split your signal between single coils and humbuckers without having to search through all those knobs!

I found this particularly cool when experimenting with different pickup combinations – especially when coupled with that push/pull coil tap.

Best Electric Guitars under $2000

3) Fender American Ultra Telecaster

The Fender American Ultra Telecaster is a beautiful instrument, and its well-designed features make it an ideal fit for the modern guitarist. I recently obtained one in dark brown sunburst (the model reviewed here), and I’ve been enjoying playing it.

The 22-fret neck feels great under my fingers; smooth, fast, and comfortable. It’s not too thick, but not so thin that it makes me feel like I have to fight with it either. The jumbo frets are rounder than what you find on some guitars, which means they allow more of the string vibration to move through the guitar without buzzing or deadening. The combination of fret size and shape gives this guitar plenty of resonance, which is especially nice when playing clean. The neck is on the thicker side, but it doesn’t feel like a baseball bat (I set mine up with .010 and .011 round wound strings), and its action is well suited for beginners.

The fretboard radius—12″ — is smooth and comfortable to play on; once again, no dead spots or sharp edges here. And I found that its ebony fingerboard (not rosewood, as stated in one paragraph of the owner’s manual) looks great under stage lights.

Best Electric Guitars under $2000

4) Ibanez S Prestige S6570SK

This is an Ibanez S Series guitar, it’s in the prestige line so there are a lot of features to list. Features:  Mahogany body with quilted maple top, 5 piece mahogany/walnut neck-thru w/ binding, ebony fretboard with 24 jumbo frets and pearl dot inlays, DiMarzio IBZ pickups (humbucker at the bridge and single coil at the neck), Edge Pro tremolo bridge , black hardware, 25.5 inch scale length. These guitars retail for around $2000 depending on where you buy one from.

I’ll go through each section of parts on the guitar to see what they are made out of and how it affects the overall sound of the instrument. I’ll also describe some features since there’s a lot on this guitar.

First, let’s start with pickups because that’s one aspect that everyone talks about when playing electric guitars. Pickups are essentially magnets surrounded by copper wire which acts as a transmitter of the string vibrations to an amp. This moves the speaker in the amp which creates the sound waves that you hear when playing through headphones or with an amplifier.

Best Electric Guitars under $2000

5) Godin LGX-SA AAA Flamed Maple Top

This 3-voice guitar features electric and acoustic guitar sounds, plus the infinite tonal possibilities created by synth access.

It has a gorgeous mahogany body with a AAA-grade figured maple top. The mahogany neck with an ebony fingerboard plays fast and sweet.

The custom RMC system provides acoustic guitar sounds from a bridge transducer, while Seymour Duncan custom humbuckers drive the electric tone. Synth access comes courtesy of the 13-pin connector for direct control of Roland GR Series and Axon AX100 guitar synths.

Acoustic and electric outputs can be used alone or in tandem to further expand the tonal array.

Best Electric Guitars under $2000

6) Ibanez AZ2204B Prestige

Today we’re going to take a look at one of Ibanez’s new guitars that were just recently released: the AZ2204B. The guitar is part of their Prestige line, meaning it’s made with premium materials and components; in this case, it uses an alder body with maple top and 3-piece maple/Bubinga/mahogany neck (bolt-on).

The finish on this particular model is absolutely beautiful – not only a clear coat but also vintage nitrocellulose lacquer. It gives the wood a really nice depth and lets you see some grain beneath it.

While most people think “nitro” means thinning the paint out with gasoline, what actually happens is that they put very little paint on the wood and instead rub it into the pores for a very thin but very shiny coat.

Best Electric Guitars under $2000


The first thing that comes to your mind when you see it is, “Hey, this guitar has a nice and sleek shape”. The design of the body is very unusual because its edges are smoothly rounded off, contrasting with the usual sharp-edged electric guitar design. As a result of this, it looks quite beautiful and can really catch your attention at first sight. Then you will notice the metal parts of the body…

They look shiny silver-white! The color makes it look like some kind of super expensive guitar, perhaps? Even if this is not really true I think that it still has an impact on your first impression of the guitar. And then you will take into account that this guitar isn’t just silver paint but real metal parts – yes, they are real chrome hardware! By any means do not mistake them for knobs though… Only one knob can be mistaken as such so far because it also has no marking, but the other knobs are clearly recognizable.

They also have an interesting design with their sides raised up in a nice zig-zag shape pointing slightly towards the strings. The pickups are Kent Armstrong humbuckers that deliver rich sound with enough fatness to them which makes the guitar suitable for both – rhythm and solo parts. I am not saying that they do not lack anything… But if you want to get better results than this you should look for some Seymour Duncan or DiMarzio pickups so far as I know, although these brands still don’t make guitars themselves except Gibson who makes guitars for them too.

Best Electric Guitars under $2000

8) Ibanez RGR5221 Prestige Transparent Fluorescent

Ibanez RGR5221 is a stunning guitar that features the traditional combination of mahogany set neck and Ibanez Infinity pickups, which provide rich sound and warm sustain for this guitar. The neck and fretboard are made from rosewood and has 24 jumbo frets on it. The body is made of transparent orange flamed maple, which looks very impressive in sunlight. This guitar has a thin neck profile, so if you are accustomed to playing solid bodies with thin necks, this guitar won’t bring any difficulties to your hands. Also you can choose between two types of finishes that will suit the best your needs: flat black or transparent purple fluorescent colors.

Transparent body with binding and neck set up with D’Adarrio EXL 110 strings (.009-.042), low to medium action; Buzz Feiten tuning system, locking nut; chrome hardware. Approximate Weight: 10 lbs.

According to reviews Ibanez RGR5221 has a modern, powerful and versatile sound with good sustain. Its lightweight and thin body helps the player to be more agile and accurate, so you can play even faster than before without any difficulties.

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