PRS CE 24 – Satin Blackout Electric Guitar Review 2023

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PRS CE 24 – Satin Blackout Electric Guitar Review 2023

The PRS CE 24 is a popular solid body electric guitar that has been around for a few years now. The company recently came out with a new version of the guitar, called the Satin Blackout. I had the chance to check out this new model, and I was really impressed!

The main difference between the two guitars is the finish. The Satin Blackout has a satin black finish, while the original CE 24 has a glossy finish. This gives the guitar a really sleek look.

Another difference is that the Satin Blackout has black hardware, while the original CE 24 has silver hardware. This makes the guitar look even cooler in my opinion.

The Satin Blackout also comes with a set of locking tuners and a tremolo bridge, which gives you more tuning stability. This guitar also has the Phase III low mass locking tuners which lets you quickly change your strings without any unneeded tension on the neck.

Other than that, this guitar is pretty much identical to the original CE 24! You get 22 frets which makes it great for shredding, and the thin maple neck with rosewood fretboard feels really smooth when you’re playing. The PRS pickups sound amazing too!

The combination between hardware and electronics in this guitar makes it perfect for almost any style of music (metal, rock, blues etc). Plus it’s got a wide variety of tonal options to coil-tapping. That means you can get single-coil tones out of this guitar, which is great for clean playing.

PRS CE 24 Satin Blackout Solid Body Electric Guitar Satin black finish makes this guitar look really sleek

22 frets let you play fast without fretting out (great for shredding)

The maple neck & rosewood fretboard feel smooth to play on (and looks amazing too)

Locking tuners and tremolo bridge gives you more stability when tuning down / using the whammy bar View Price Read Reviews

I’m really happy with this guitar, thanks to its cool design and wide range of tones. If you’re looking for a new solid-body electric guitar, would definitely recommend checking out the PRS CE 24 Satin Blackout!

In my opinion it’s one of the top electric guitars under 2000$

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