Stagg SA35 A-BK Acoustic Guitar Review 2023

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Stagg SA35 A-BK Acoustic Guitar Review 2023

I had one of these Stagg acoustic guitars for a few months before I thought to take some photos of it, so this review is long overdue. It’s my first guitar review and also my first Stagg guitar!

Some people say that Stagg is just as good as Epiphone but is much cheaper so it makes sense to choose them instead if you’re on a budget – they are both parts of the same company Gibson. They describe themselves as “a bold collection of instruments packed with innovative features.”

Having played on the Stagg A-BK for a few months I can definitely say that they’re right about it having some very innovative features. But is it a budget Epiphone? The answer to this question is, unfortunately, no. I would describe the sound as good but not great – although considering how much they cost I was still pleasantly surprised with the tone and excellent playability of the guitar.

The guitar is surprisingly well made for its price range which you’ll see from my photos below – most notably with regards to the finish where most abrisounds guitars have a really nice gloss shine even though they are painted rather than being natural wood finished like more expensive brands such as Epiph or Yamaha. So overall it’s great for a budget guitar but it will never compete with the likes of an Epiphone or Yamaha in terms of sound and finish. It’s also worth noting that the guitar is currently only available in black – they have half a dozen different models so there is probably one to suit your style!

I hope you enjoy the review below 🙂

“The Stagg A-BK is an acoustic guitar under $2000 and has a fantastic tone and offers excellent value for money.”

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  1. Stagg is nothing to do with Gibson. Gawd knows where you got that idea. Epiphone definitely is part of Gibson.


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