Oscar Schmidt OG2FBC-A-U Acoustic Guitar Review 2023

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Oscar Schmidt OG2FBC-A-U Acoustic Guitar Review 2023

The guitar had a natural finish with nobody binding which made it look very attractive. The color of the wood was almost like honey and the top part of the guitar is solid cedar which helps add to the better sound. There isn’t any truss rod cover on this model as it may draw away from its simple design.


As soon as you play this guitar, you notice that there is far less tension in the neck than other guitars I’ve used. It’s also not too heavy for long periods of playing or traveling around with it. The tone opens up much more when played harder and even though it doesn’t have much volume, still makes a lovely strumming sound especially if recording into an acoustic track. I received a natural-finish acoustic guitar which has no body binding and also no truss rod cover. It does feature a gloss finish with black machine heads its made of mahogany back and sides while the top is solid spruce wood. The overall sound by this guitar is good mainly because of the solid spruce top.

I have played a few other dreadnought guitars and this one is not as loud as others I have tested, but it does produce a better tone than many entry-level acoustic guitars which you would find in your local supermarket. The necks are slim and comfortable to play for people with smaller or average hands. I also like the fact that the bridge is straight, unlike some cheaper acoustic guitars where they can be warped because of moisture in winters, etc. This model has 20 frets on its rosewood fingerboard while most don’t usually go that high up before having another fretboard glued onto them, so this shows what effort Oscar Schmidt has put into making this guitar more playable than its competitors with only 5 frets.

Conclusion: Firstly, the price of this guitar is very cheap compared to other acoustic guitars which you can get in high street shops. I did not set out looking for a £100 guitar but came across it while doing my research into getting an affordable brand that does not lack quality parts or sound. It has rosewood bindings and fingerboard while many other entry-level guitars don’t have these features. In conclusion, I would recommend this guitar to any beginner who is looking for a good-sounding model that won’t break the bank when buying one, unlike some other brands which cost more than double its price from Oscar Schmidt. Thanks for reading

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