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The guitar is one of the most popular instruments in the world and is suitable for any gender, age or generation. Millions of people around the world dream of learning how to play the guitar, but they find it difficult to do it on their own. There is some truth in this, because although you can learn the guitar on your own, having a teacher or study guide can greatly speed up this process. So, instead of spending years learning this musical instrument, with a teacher, you can start playing in as little as a month or even sooner.

However, during the pandemic, people began to spend more and more time at home and look for additional training options. Moreover, now Americans prefer remote work, as well as online courses, instead of attending real classes. This saves a huge amount of time on the road and allows them to practice their guitar more. So, if you also want to learn how to play the guitar, why not do it in the most affordable way right now

Why Choose Online Video Guitar Lessons?

You probably don’t know, but virtiual online guitar lessons have been around to some extent since the late 90s. However, in the last five years they have become developed to such an extent that they actively compete with traditional lessons in real life. Why did guitar lessons online become so popular that most beginner musicians choose them?

First of all, as already mentioned, it is time saving. When attending traditional classes, it will take you time to get somewhere and then drive back home. Moreover, you will need to carry a guitar, sheet music, study guides, and so on at all times. With best online guitar song lessons, you get rid of this need, as you can schedule a practice at any time convenient for you without having to travel anywhere.

In addition, teachers in your city may be quite limited. Let’s say you live in a small town and you don’t have a decent guitar teacher, or you don’t like any of the guys you’ve already taken lessons with. With best online lessons you can choose any application or teacher from all over the world and practice with him. Thus, you do not have to sacrifice the quality of the lessons and deal with the teacher who does not suit you. So, as you can see for yourself, best online beginning guitar lessons is simply convenient and affordable, regardless of where you live or are located geographically. Best websites for online guitar lessons provide everyone on earth with an equal opportunity to learn how to play this great instrument.

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Here are our top picks:

Online Guitar Lessons

1)Guitar Tricks

We decided to start our top best live guitar online lessons from a platform that has been around for a long time and during this time has managed to get a fairly good reputation – Guitar Tricks. First of all, we would like to note that this is an award-winning online guitar course that will provide you with the opportunity to get a fast, fun way to learn this musical instrument.

For starters, we would like to mention that this course is not aimed at more professional players, so it is included in top online beginner guitar lessons and best online intermediate guitar lessons. Thus, if you are completely clueless about playing the guitar or have already made some progress, Guitar Tricks can be a good solution.

Most often, beginners worry that online platforms can be difficult to use, but this is not at all the case. The interface of this course is quite convenient and easy to use. This course of best beginners guitar lessons online Provide you with a series of videos that will teach you how to play the guitar with simple songs. Lessons range from practice to theory, from short breaks to full-length songs, and teach you playing techniques along the way.

Among other things, it is worth noting that this core learning system is the most effective, and after you complete the guitar basics course, you will have a solid enough base to move on to more serious tasks. Also Guitar Tricks is the best place for online guitar lessons as it has excellent quality of lessons and you will always see two camera angles.

Apart from this, you can also change the settings in order to be able to learn at your own pace. Guitar Tricks is also referred to as the best guitar lessons online for beginners, since it is distinguished by the versatility of genres and a huge library of songs. Every week you will be able to access over 1000 songs with new releases.

If you haven’t fallen in love with Guitar Tricks yet, we’d also like to add that you’ll have access to real-time group lessons with dedicated group trainers. In this way, you will be able to receive regular reviews and lesson plans that correspond to exactly what you need to work on individually.

If you pay for the Pro access, then you will get access to a live one-on-one lesson, which will allow you to get instant feedback and the opportunity to improve your skills in the shortest possible time.

Guitar Tricks is a great way to get personal training, as well as schedule an online lesson at your convenience and get feedback. You can also choose a coach that suits your goals and style. Each of the teachers of this platform is experienced and talented, but in any case, you can choose the one that suits you.

So, if you are still wondering are online guitar lessons any good, then the answer is yes, and Guitar Trick is the direct proof. With this platform, you will receive step-by-step lessons, easily master basic skills and move on to more advanced playing techniques. Also, if you want to expand your repertoire or improve your level, then Guitar Trick is one of the best guitar lessons online for intermediate players, which will perfectly cope with this task.

Online Guitar Lessons

2)Jam Play Guitar Lessons

Also, we cannot but include such a platform as JamPlay in our top five best online guitar lessons. It has been on the market for online guitar lessons for quite some time, although it is less popular than the other platforms on our list.

At the moment it contains more than 5500 available lessons that are of the highest quality and will increase your level of guitar playing to incredible heights. Moreover, more than 120 teachers continue to work at JamPlay and offer you quality lessons at a reasonable price. JamPlay is also often referred to as the best online guitar lessons for the best price.

So, first of all, we should mention that JamPlay is a great learning platform that allows you to follow a structured learning path or create your own based on your favorite style and the songs you prefer to play. However, how is the training structured? Lessons are divided into four categories and phases.

The first stage is the basics, and the second is dedicated to genres and skills. Speaking of phase three, it is a library of lessons based on various songs, and the fourth is for writing songs and teaching you how to use the skills you have learned in the course creatively. Among other things, there is also a masterclass area for more experienced and advanced musicians.

So, if you are looking for the best online lead guitar lessons for experienced guitarists, then JamPlay is your option as it will give you the opportunity to learn from professional musicians.

JamPlay continues to rank among the top best online guitar lessons 2023, because in addition to high-quality videos, it also provides learning tools such as recordings, a progress report, an “ask the teacher” feature, and more. What’s more, every week you get the opportunity to participate in live Q&A sessions and workshops.

JamPlay is different from other platforms and is one of the top rated online guitar lessons as it covers a huge number of genres and offers even songs that you can’t find on other platforms.

JamPlay will be the perfect solution for all people who have at least once wondered what is the best guitar lessons online. Regardless of your skills, the site will offer you either a structured course for beginners or a master class for advanced players.

Online Guitar Lessons

3) Fender Play

When we were preparing our popular guitar lessons online and looking at various platforms, we realized that we could not help but draw your attention to Fender Play. This is another great web based guitar learning platform that will give you the opportunity to improve your skills with personalized lesson plans. However, why did we classify it as the best guitar lessons online?

First of all, we would like to mention that when registering, Fender Play asks users to memorize a short questionnaire in order to determine the best way to learn for them.

Also, whether you’re looking for best online guitar lessons acoustic or best online electrics guitar lessons, you have the option to choose one of these options as well as a direction such as rock, pop, blues, folk or country. As with any other tutorial or platform, as you learn, the level of difficulty will increase.

Fender Play is without a doubt one of the best online electric guitar lessons for beginners, as it offers you access to a comprehensive curriculum and lessons that focus on both songs and theory.

For example, with level one lessons you will be able to get all the basic guitar playing basics, as well as learn basic guitar tuning tips, which is a must for a beginner. It is also impossible not to pay attention to the genres that are presented in the library and are quite extensive. Each category has both easy and difficult songs, so you can choose the one that suits your level.

Another thing that makes Fender Play the best online guitar lessons for intermediate players is that the app is as easy to use as possible (and is considered one of the best structured online guitar lessons), and has some nice extras. For example, there is a built-in tuner for your instruments to help you keep your guitar in tune all the time. It also has two new features to help encourage training habits and track your progress.

Fender Play The difference from other platforms is that the lessons in them are as clear and simple as possible. What’s more, the dashboard is streamlined, so the program will provide you with fairly clear directions, which is great for beginning musicians.

So, if you are looking for the best beginner guitar lessons online, and are looking for an opportunity to learn the technique as quickly as possible, then there is nothing better than Fender Play.

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Online Guitar Lessons

4)Jamorama Guitar lessons

We continue our top online guitar lessons that work with a program that is one of the best online guitar lessons for beginners – Jamorama. It is important to note that it originally began its journey as a free resource for guitar lessons, thanks to which thousands of people have mastered this instrument. Jamorama was founded by Mark McKenzie who worked alone and started out as The Guitar Guy on YouTube.

Why do we classify his course as one of the top 5 online guitar lessons? This man has over 20 years of teaching experience, and his lessons are as informative as possible, as well as full of tips and tricks. You can also choose lessons based on a particular technique or disassemble a specific song that interests you.

Jamorama is often referred to as the best beginner online guitar lessons as it is a very simple and step by step program that will be just an incredible option for beginners. First of all, it includes a huge number of beginner tutorials that will get progressively more difficult until you reach the advanced level.

You can also find this program in the tops of best online beginner acoustic guitar lessons, since Mark himself plays the acoustic guitar. However, in his own words, most of the techniques can be transferred to the electric guitar as well, so do not worry if you are looking for the best electric guitar online lessons. With Jamorama you will learn a lot about scales, progressions, strumming, finger style and more.

Among other things, you will also be able to choose from a variety of song tutorials. Even though the song library is not as extensive as the previous versions, you are still likely to be able to find all the songs you need.

However, what makes Jamorama different from other platforms that makes it the best choice for you? We feel free to refer it to the best online acoustic guitar lessons for beginners as it has several interesting features.

For example, you can choose between free and paid version. The free version of this program is great for any aspiring guitarist on a budget. This way you can practice, learn how to play the guitar and save money. However, you should understand that the free version is limited, but still offers a great beginner course and quality video tutorials.

However, if you are serious about learning how to play the guitar and get the best online acoustic guitar lessons, then the paid version is exactly what you need. Although this program will help you gain knowledge even if you are an intermediate level player or a professional, most of it is tuned specifically for beginner musicians.

So, if you were looking for the best online beginner guitar lessons, then you should definitely try Jamorama.

Online Guitar Lessons

5) Marty Music Guitar Lessons

So, we would like to complete our top best rated guitar lessons online with the help of Marty Music, which you have probably heard about more than once because of YouTube. The Marty Music channel can be safely attributed to bets online guitar lessons, as it includes a huge number of analyzes of simple chord sequences, as well as complex well-known riffs.

Whether you’re an aspiring musician or an intermediate player, Marty Music will be a great mentor as he has a calm, methodical approach to learning and gives you access to a huge number of lessons.

However, why did we classify it as one of the best online virtual guitar lessons? First of all, we would like to say that Marty breaks the song into small pieces and focuses on any difficult part, making the analysis as simple and understandable as possible. It also uses YouTube’s timestamp to divide songs into little chapters so you can repeat them or skip parts you’ve already learned. Thus, the Marty Music channel belongs to the best online guitar lessons that you can get for free.

However, if you are wondering where is a good place to take online guitar lessons, then you should know that Marty has his official website and offers in-depth courses that consist of videos grouped by levels. Moreover, there are also different styles and genres to choose from, so you can learn blues, rock acoustic for beginners, and more, which is what best beginning acoustic guitar lessons online does.

Marty Music is one of the best guitar lessons online as this guy really has a good approach to teaching. Passing his course, you will really feel as if you are studying at a music school. Marty Music is great for guitarists of all levels, especially those looking for the best online guitar lessons for beginners available for free.

Can I Learn to Play the Guitar by Myself?

Many popular musicians describe themselves as self-taught in one way or another. However, how true is this? Did they really choose the guitar themselves, mastered the notes, learned how to compose, understood the techniques, and also implemented them without any help and outside influence? Most likely not, unless of course these are geniuses that happen one in a billion. The truth is that any knowledge, including music, must come from somewhere. This does not mean that you necessarily need a teacher in order to learn how to play the guitar.

We are talking about the fact that without outside help, such as textbooks, lessons, courses, and so on, you (like any other person) simply cannot master this instrument. Any self-taught guitarist in any case asked for advice from some experienced guitarist, and also read any books, or repeated compositions in order to master this or that technique. Of course, you can download a book from the Internet and learn how to play on your own, but as we said, it will take you much more time than if you resort to the help of professionals.

Moreover, we can say with confidence that any person who takes on a new business is impatient, and wants to achieve the result as fashionably as quickly as possible. And the fastest and most convenient way to learn how to play at the moment is best online guitar lessons for beginner.

How Do I Find The Best Place To Get Online Guitar Lessons?

Now on the Internet there are a huge number of queries such as best reviews for online guitar lessons, paid online guitar lessons, online best electric guitar lessons, top rated guitar lessons online and so on. From this we can conclude that most people have no idea how to find the best lessons for playing the guitar.

Most likely you know that at the moment there are a huge number of online resources where you can gain knowledge. These can be apps, books, courses, YouTube videos, online tutors, and so on. However, we would like to say that the best option for you is a properly structured online platform, as it will lead you step by step to excellent guitar playing technique. So, if you do not know how to find the best online lessons, then our top below is exactly what you need.


Finding the best online guitar lessons can be quite a difficult task, as the right approach will directly affect the speed of getting results. Our top best rated online guitar lessons has only the best platforms that will get you results in the shortest possible time. We hope our top best paid online guitar lessons was useful for you and you found what you were looking for. Good luck!

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