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Now the Internet has an unimaginable number of different resources, sites, video lessons and applications that can help you learn to play the guitar. However, from all this variety, it is enough to choose exactly the resource that will meet your desire and need. In today’s review, we will look at a site like JamPlay and discuss its distinctive features, structure, cost and other nuances that you should pay attention to before buying.

JamPlay Review

JamPlay Short Description

First of all, you should know that JamPlay is the second largest and second most authoritative online resource for video guitar lessons. Thus, you understand that he has already earned his credibility and has shown professionalism, proven over the years.

If you’ve been looking at JamPlay’s other reviews, you probably know that it’s often compared to Guitar Tricks because it’s built on a similar course structure. However, after careful analysis of both resources, we came to the conclusion that JamPlay is more suitable for a different type of guitarist. Speaking of Guitar Tricks, this site is a good solution for both beginners and intermediate level musicians. JamPlay, on the other hand, is more relevant for people whose level is intermediate to advanced and who want to improve their skills and delve into additional genres and styles of music. So, if they’ve never handled a guitar and are a complete beginner, you should probably try another resource that has more information for those just starting out. However, if you are already familiar with the basic principles of playing the guitar and want to keep improving your skills, then jamplay guitar lessons are a great solution.

JamPlay Main Features

By analyzing the website, we started with a general look at how JamPlay organizes material. At the moment, the content is divided into four main categories, which in turn are divided into four stages, where lessons by genre and skill are grouped together:

  • Beginner Lessons
  • Genre Lessons and Skill Building Lessons
  • Song lessons
  • Songwriting

Also a nice bonus is that all the videos and pages on their site are available not only on a computer and laptop, but also on phones or tablets, both Android and iOS. The main features of JamPlay are related to video content, and the list of features is quite similar to Guitar Tricks. Here you will have access to tools like slow motion, A-B looping, progress tracking and more.

Once you first log into your account, the first thing you’ll see on the page is your progress. Your home page will display the latest lessons you have completed and are working on, which is a major benefit of JamPlay. This way, you can always track your progress and see what you have already done, as well as plan what you want to learn and learn.

Also scrolling down the main page, you will be able to explore all new courses and upcoming online courses. Thus, you will constantly have access to new content. Navigating the JamPlay site is also as simple as possible: in the top section you will see buttons such as Home, My JamPlay, Lessons, Live, Tools, Community and Extras. Another feature of the site is that on the My JamPlay page you will see all the lessons you have taken, and you will also receive JamPoints for every lesson you take. After that, your points will be added up and thanks to them you will get access to additional content in the future.

Jam Play Content

Since the main content of the JamPlay site is divided into four categories, we want to introduce you to each of them in more detail so that you can understand if they suit your desires and needs.

1. Beginner Lessons

Of course, this phase is intended exclusively for beginner guitarists. Here you can find courses for both acoustic and electric guitar, which are recorded in the studio and the quality is excellent. The lesson system in JamPlay is different from the Guitar Tricks example above, where all beginners receive a special core curriculum when they start learning guitar. In JamPlay, you will get a list of teachers, each with their own curriculum covering all materials. Thus, you can choose exactly the teacher that you like the most. However, if you’re the type of person who doesn’t like to make decisions, Guitar Tricks with a single program would probably suit you better, although JamPlay gives you more freedom of choice.

There are an equal number of course options for acoustic guitar as for electric guitar, covering basic lessons on open chords, playing patterns, using a capo, and learning simple songs. It is also worth noting that most beginner courses cover more than 50 lessons, and if you get bored or don’t like your teacher, you can change it and continue from where you left off.

2. Genres and skills

Speaking about this phase, it is impossible not to mention that it offers a greater variety of genres than any other resource, and covers such as blues, jazz, metal, fingerstyle, bluegrass, surf, funk, flamenco, folk, RnB, should, reggae, gospel and much more. Also, each genre has an instructor who specializes in this particular style, so you will receive all the necessary knowledge from a teacher with extensive experience. What’s more, in addition to genre-based learning, the site also offers skill-based learning that covers everything from the concept of guitar solo techniques, to speed, music reading, theory, improvisation, and even guitar singing, rhythm training, studio skills, and many more.

During our analysis, we even compared JamPlay to a music college several times, as the site has an unimaginable amount of information no matter what you want to learn. Also, we would like to point out that the best way to use this resource is to choose several courses on different topics and work on them every day to see progress from different angles.

3. Songs

This phase covers songs of all genres included in JamPlay, categorized by genre, difficulty, lesson length, instructor, and song lesson. The site also offers instructions for songs of all famous artists of various genres, so we will surely be able to find and study the music that suits you.

For each of the songs you can find the complete break-down, covering materials arms also find the right tone, demonstration of the whole song and also supplemental materials. Using the slow-down or loop function, you can also learn more about how the instructor plays.

4. Songwriting

In the last phase, JamPlay focuses specifically on the subject of songwriting. Of course, this stage is aimed at advanced musicians who already have a certain understanding of music theory, genres, styles and have a certain set of skills. Writing your own songs is a great exercise that brings together everything you’ve learned during the course. Each instructor here teaches something completely different and has a different approach to how to write songs, as well as offering you a series of workshops.

JamPlay Price

In order to make a decision, you should definitely look at the price of the course and decide if it suits you and if you can afford it. Fortunately, JamPlay has the most affordable price you can definitely afford:

  • Monthly membership price is $14.95
  • Yearly membership price is $96.00

Also we would like to mention that JamPlay has a 30 days free trial with a credit card. Thus, you can access all the materials of the site and decide whether it is suitable for you to study this resource. They publish new content monthly and weekly, and the site itself has over 500,000 members at the moment who trust and learn from this resource.

Final Word

If you are still wondering is JamPlay worth it, then the answer is definitely yes. This site is an excellent online resource for guitarists of all levels, however we would most recommend it to people who are at an intermediate or advanced level of playing at the moment. JamPlay has professional lesson plans, clear learning tools, and experienced teachers, making it one of the best options for guitarists who want to learn or improve their existing skills.You can access convenient online lessons and get all the information you need about playing the guitar. A huge library of songs will allow you to learn your favorite hits in the shortest possible time, and a free trial will help you see if this platform is right for you.

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