Best Short Scale Bass Guitars

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Top Best Short Scale Bass Guitars

The bass guitar is a musical instrument that has been and remains popular all over the world. Of course, this is not an instrument that is very easy to master, but still it cannot fail to amaze you with its charm. If you are just starting to learn to play the bass guitar or already have some experience, then you most likely know that there are a large number of varieties of bass guitars. Today we would like to draw your attention to short scale bass guitars. These types of guitars are more compact than regular basses and are a great choice for young bass players or beginners. However, depending on your preferences and needs, this guitar may also suit you (especially if you are short and have small hands).

Also, it should be noted that many bass players believe that the compact distance on the bass guitar makes the musical instrument much more comfortable to play. In addition, the short scale bass is much easier to set up because of the shorter bass string set on the instrument. Short strings don’t require as much tension, and so it’s much easier to manipulate the tune knob. This is another reason why these guitars are great for beginners.

What Is A Short Scale Bass Guitar?

Before moving on to best short scale bass guitars, we would like to give you a better idea of what a short scale bass is and how it differs from a traditional bass guitar. Recently, a short scale bass guitar is any bass guitar with a scale length 31” and under (the average is 30”). If you haven’t been playing bass that long, this may seem insignificant to you, as the standard scale length is 34”. However, the length of the leopard string directly affects the theme and feel, so the sound will be different.

In addition, the bass guitar becomes easier to navigate due to the frets being closer together. Thus, in terms of tone, such a bass can sound thicker and tighter. If these features are exactly what you are looking for, then our top short scaled bass guitars will be the perfect solution for you.

Top Best Short Scale Bass Guitars

Here are our top picks:

Best Short Scale Bass Guitars

1)Fender Player Mustang Bass

Body: Alder

Neck: Maple

Scale: 30″

Pickups: Vintage-Style P-Bass, Vintage-Style J-Bass

Hardware: 4-Saddle Standard bridge

Finish options: Sienna Sunburst, Aged Natural, Firemist Gold

Do you want to know the bass guitars short neck names that are the top ones on the market? Then you should definitely pay attention to the Fender company, which you have probably already heard about many times. If you are looking for fender single coil short scale bass guitars, then the Fender Player Mustang Bass is your best bet.

The first Mustang Bass was released back in 1964 and was in demand even among such legendary musicians as Bill Wyman (the Rolling Stones), Mikey Way (My Chemical Romance) and many others. So if you’re looking for a guitar as close to the legendary ’64 model as possible, the Fender Player Mustang Bass is the way to go.

This guitar has the great vintage look of the original model, as well as an incredibly versatile PJ pickup configuration. Whether you’re an aspiring musician or an experienced bassist, her tone won’t leave you indifferent either.

The Fender Player Mustang Bass also features the popular C profile neck and 9.5” radius fingerboard. Thus, it will suit you regardless of the size of your hands. So, if you’re looking for a beautiful versatile bass with great sound, look no further than the Fender Player Mustang Bass.

Best Short Scale Bass Guitars

2)Ibanez TMB30-IV Talman Series

Body: Poplar

Neck: Maple

Scale: 30″

Pickups: Dynamix P/J pickups

Hardware: B10 bridge

Finish options: Black, Ivory, Mint Green

If you’re wondering what are the most sought after short scale vintage bass guitars, then you just can’t get past the Ibanez TMB30-IV Talman Series. Ibanez is one of the most popular guitar brands at the moment and is known for the quality and sound of their instruments.

This particular model is constantly referred to as the best compact bass guitars due to the combination of its design and configuration. It’s hard to distinguish bass guitars on the market right now, but this model will surely catch your attention thanks to its funky offset design and PJ pickups. The Ibanez TMB30-IV Talman Series also features the Talman’s 30” scale, giving you a guitar that is both comfortable and fun to play.

We can also classify the Ibanez TMB30-IV Talman Series as the best affordable short scale bass guitars without a doubt as it costs less than $250! For this money, you will get a good and high-quality bass guitar that will surprise you with its appearance and pleasant sound.

Best Short Scale Bass Guitars

3)Gibson SG Standard Bass

Body: Mahogany

Neck: Mahogany

Scale: 30.5″

Pickups: Rhythm/Lead SG Bass pickups

Hardware: 3-point adjustable bridge

Finish options: Heritage Cherry, Ebony

We could not but include one more legendary model – Gibson SG Standard Bass – among the top rated short scale bass guitars. This guitar not only has a high-quality assembly, but also a pleasant sound that will impress you from the first notes.

The first thing we’d like to point out is a set of Rhythm and Lead SG Bass pickups and a large neck pickup. Thus, you can get a dense creamy tone, and the mini bridge will add the necessary brightness in order to balance the sound as much as possible.

Also noteworthy is the incredible design of the guitar body made of mahogany, which is not only beautiful, but also functional. Also pay attention to the rounded edges, which are as comfortable as possible for the body during practice.

The answer to the question “what are the most sought after short scale bass guitars” is as simple as possible, this is the Gibson SG Standard Bass.

Best Short Scale Bass Guitars

4)Squier Classic Vibe Jaguar Bass

Body: Nyatoh

Neck: Maple

Scale: 32″

Pickups: Alnico Single-Coils

Hardware: 4-Saddle Vintage-Style bridge

Finish options: Black, 3-Color Sunburst

Without a doubt, one of the best sounding short scale bass guitars on our list that we recommend you check out is the Squier Classic Vibe Jaguar Bass. You probably noticed from the description that this model has a longer scale of 32”, but it is still shorter than most standard basses.

However, most short scale bass guitars reviews state that the Squier Classic Vibe Jaguar Bass is one of the best available models you can find on the market.

Speaking about this model, the first thing that catches your eye is its asymmetrical design, which is well suited for a large guitar size. It is also impossible not to note the appearance of this model, which obviously will not leave you indifferent.

The Squier Classic Vibe Jaguar Bass recalls the crisp vibe of the ‘70s in both looks and sound. This model has a classic tone that perfectly matches the design of the guitar. Thus, if you are looking for the best beginner bass guitars short scale that has a classic sound, be sure to check out the Squier Classic Vibe Jaguar Bass.

Best Short Scale Bass Guitars

5) Spector Bantam 4

Body: Chambered European Alder/USA Figured Maple

Neck: 3pc Maple with Graphite Rods

Scale: 30″

Pickups: EMG 35DC

Hardware: Spector Aluminium Locking bridge

Finish options: Black Cherry, Black Stain

The last model we want to introduce you to today is great for people who are looking for 30″ bass guitars. What’s more, the Spector Bantam 4 has a nice lightweight body that makes playing as comfortable as possible.

However, don’t be fooled, as despite for the weight and size of this guitar, it will provide you with a great heavy tone.Not to mention it’s deep-inset bolt-on neck which was specially designed for great resonance and projection.We also want to mention the EMG active pickups which produce quite low end.

Spector Bantam 4 has the classic NS body style which will give you the most comfortable bass playing experience.

Thus, this model is not only beautiful, but also of the highest quality and will provide you with excellent sound. Do you want to choose a model with an ideal price-quality ratio? Spector Bantam 4 is perfect for you!

Final Word

Choosing the right share scale bass guitar can be tricky, especially if you research the topic carefully and ask questions like who makes short scale bass guitars and why are short scale bass guitars not popular. However, at the moment the market is as diverse as possible and offers you an unlimited number of options. We have introduced you to the best models currently available and hope you find what you are looking for.

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