Best Guitar Amps Under 500

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TOP Best Guitar Amps Under 500$

If you are an aspiring musician who is just about to master the electric guitar, you probably understand how difficult it is to choose the right amplifier. Since you don’t yet know what features you need, finding the right model can be tricky, especially if you don’t know anything about amplifiers. Now there are a huge number of offers on the market in various price ranges, but at the initial stage there is no need to buy an expensive powerful amplifier. You can explore a huge number of guitar amps for 500 dollars, but which one should you choose? Keep reading for more details.

What to Look for When Choosing the Best Under 500 Dollar Guitar Amps?

In the history of guitar amplifiers, the market currently has the largest number of models, prices for which range from hundreds of dollars to tens of thousands. However, if you are looking for the best solid state guitar amps under $500, what should you look out for?

First of all, choose amplifiers that are as simple as possible to use, as this is exactly what a beginner needs. Moreover, you need to know what volume level you need based on this, choose the power of the amplifier. And, of course, the amp you choose should produce the tone you want. In other words, the best guitar amp under 500 dollars should have a good sound, the right volume level, be easy to use, and also fairly reliable.

Top Best Guitar Amps Under 500$

Since each guitarist has his own desires and needs to pay attention to, we have prepared a universal guitar amps under 500 top that will suit any aspiring musician.

Best Guitar Amps Under 500

1) Boss Katana-100 MKII

The first amp we’re going to talk about today is top rated solid state guitar amps under $500, so it deserves your attention. Even though Boss Katana amps are inexpensive, they still have a reputation for being one of the best guitar amps out there.

It is also worth noting that the Boss Katana-100 MKII often ranks among the top metal electric guitar amps 1×12 under 500 because of its 2×12 speakers.

This model has a power of 100 watts, so you can not only rehearse at home, but also perform in clubs and bars. Boss Katana-100 MKII has 5 amp characters – clean, crunch, lead, brown and acoustic and bad variations for each.

Moreover, it should be noted that with this amplifier you will also get 5 independent effects sections – Booster, FX, Delay and Reverb. It is also worth noting that with the Boss Katana-100 MKII you will be able to control the tone, and you will also have adjustable cab resonance options, Power Control and mic’d cab-emulated outputs.

So, if you are looking for the best electric guitar amps for under 500 with big power, high quality sound and lots of features to experiment with, then Boss Katana-100 MKII is your best choice.

Best Guitar Amps Under 500

2) Fender Mustang LT25

There is no top guitar amps under $500 that doesn’t include at least one amp from Fender, arguably one of the most famous music brands in the world. This model is also often featured in the top guitar amps for rock and clean tone under 500 for its unique sound and rock tone.

The Mustang has always impressed the amp market with its features and this amp is no exception as it is a portable modeling combo with an eight-inch speaker.

What’s more, the Fender Mustang LT25 has 20 amp models and 25 effects and also equipped with an auxiliary input and USB connectivity. Speaking of this model, it is also worth noting 30 on-board presets which can be easily tweaked and saved.

Speaking of effects, the Fender Mustang LT25 is the most versatile amp out there, so you can get everything from gates to delays and reverbs. So, if you are a beginner who is wondering what guitar amps can i buy for $500, definitely choose the Fender Mustang LT25.

Best Guitar Amps Under 500

3) Marshall Code 50

Are you looking for marshall metal electric guitar amps 1×12 under 500? Congratulations, you’ve found it as the Marshall Code 50 is exactly what you need. This solid-state combo guitar amp is also one of the best 50 watt guitar tube amps for under 500 dollars thanks to its versatility and classic Marshall tone.

It is also impossible not to mention that all elements such as JCM800, JTM45 and others have been carefully recreated in this model.

Marshall Code 50 has 1×12 speakers, 1 channel and 24 effects, so you can easily figure out how to use it. Moreover, with this model you will get a lot of room for experimentation, which is so necessary for a beginner.

Also noteworthy is the USB interface, which will allow you to record all the classic amp tones straight into your DAW (with 24 effects drive accentuating your sound). This amp plays a huge variety of sounds, is small enough to be a good Marshall option for any beginner.

Best Guitar Amps Under 500

4) VOX AC4C1

If you are looking for the best tube guitar amps for under 600 then the VOX AC4C1 is your best option as it is a tube combo with a unique British valve tone.

Also now this model is fashionable to meet in the tops of the best metal guitar amps 1×12 under 500 due to the fact that the original 1×10 layout was a modified 12-inch speaker. The VOX AC4C1 also received a more modern look by changing the usual preamp tubes to the more reliable 12AX7.

VOX AC4C1, like many other amplifiers of this brand, is known for its classic sound and incredible high frequencies. What’s more, we’ve also rated this amp as a great guitar amps under $500 thanks to its incredible looks that are vintage and will sell charm to any setting.

So, if you’re looking for a portable amp in a rugged package with classic VOX aesthetics, then the AC4C1 is the one for you.

Best Guitar Amps Under 500

5) Line 6 Catalyst 200

The Line 6 Catalyst 200 made our top best solid state guitar amps for under $500 not only for its reliability, but also for its incredible 200 watts of power, which will be more than enough for outdoor performances and concerts.

It is also worth noting that the Line 6 Catalyst 200 is a great option for those musicians who want to get a lot of tonal diversity. Line 6 Catalyst 200 is one of the best solid state modeling guitar amps under 500 at the moment as it offers incredible quality effects and great sound.

First of all, it is worth mentioning that there are 6 amp models available from boutique cleans to high gain sonic assault. It is also important to say that the timbres of the amplifier really convey not only the response, but also the feel of a valve amp as well as possible.

We also included the Line 6 Catalyst 200 in our best guitar amps for metal under 500 list due to the fact that it has a large range of effects that includes everything from reverb to delay.

What Power Should the Best Metal Guitar Amps Under 500 Have?

When considering top guitar amps under 500, you should definitely pay attention to the power of the different models. However, which one should you choose? Let’s figure it out. Before you buy one of the top electric guitar amps for under 400 today, you need to be clear about your goals. Why do you need an amplifier? Where are you planning to practice? Do you want to create a group in the future?

If you are just starting to play the guitar and are looking for a small portable amplifier, up to 50 watts of power will be more than enough to practice at home. However, if you are considering buying good electric guitar amps around 500 for future stage performances, then you should consider more powerful options, such as 100 or 200 watt amps. Thus, their power will be enough for band rehearsals or gigging. However, even if you are planning to perform, there is no point in looking for the best of 500 watt guitar amps at the initial stage, since amplifiers of this power have a completely different price range. We have included models of various power up to 200 watts in our top good guitar amps under 500, so you will definitely be able to find exactly the model that meets your desires and needs.


Choosing the right guitar amps under $500 can be tricky, especially if you’re just getting started in the music world. However, if you know your preferences, the main features you want to have and the power you need, then choosing the best guitar amp for under $500 will not be difficult, especially after reading our guide. Good luck!

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