Best Cheap Bass Guitars Under $100

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Top Best Cheap Bass Guitars Under $100

Bass guitar is a popular musical instrument all over the world, essential for every musical group. Playing the bass guitar is much more difficult than playing the regular guitar, but it’s worth it. This instrument is distinguished by its unique sound and tone, which is why so many musicians around the world choose the bass.

However, you probably know that a good base guitar costs money. Whether you’re an aspiring player or an experienced bass player, you know that a quality guitar can cost thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. However, is it possible to find bass guitars under 100 dollars? And if so, which ones should you pay attention to?

Below we will look at whether it is possible to purchase bass guitars under $100, as well as draw your attention to the top of the most affordable and high-quality bass guitars currently on the market.

Can I Buy 100 Dollar Bass Guitars?

Let’s be honest, finding bass guitars under 100 that is high quality and durable is quite a challenge. However, we also know that the budget of most musicians is limited, so it is necessary to research the market in order to find the most suitable offer.

In fact, if you search well, you can find good cheap bass guitars under 100. However, it will be quite difficult for a beginner who understands nothing about guitar characteristics to choose a good offer. That is why our best bass guitars under 100 are the perfect solution.

Also, we can’t help but note that many taro jars in this price range have several extras, such as a gig bag, which will be an advantage for a beginner bass player. What’s more, if you get a cheap bass guitar, you can spend more money on other equipment like an amp or effect pedal.

Top Best Cheap Bass Guitars Under $100

So, after you understand that it is more than possible to get the cheapest bass guitars under 100, we want to introduce you to the best models on the market. These bass guitars are not only budget-friendly, but also have good characteristics.

Here are our top picks:

Best Cheap Bass Guitars Under $100

1)Goplus Electric Bass Guitar

If you know the famous Fender Precision Bass, then you will most likely like the Goplus Electric Bass Guitar as this model is inspired by the Fender design. It’s made from paulownia wood, which sounds pretty close to expensive models.

Moreover, this model has quite positive reviews, so most likely it will not leave you indifferent. It has four strings and is available in four different colors.

In addition, Goplus Electric Bass Guitar has one split-coil pickup. Speaking about the advantages of this model, it should be noted that it is made of unusual wood, which has a unique tone and less weight than other types.

Also, since this guitar only has one pickup, it will be fairly easy to upgrade in the future. We also couldn’t help but include it in the best cheap bass guitars under 100 due to the fact that it comes with a few extras (shoulder strap and a gig bag).

Given the very low price, the quality of the Goplus Electric Bass Guitar is amazing. This model offers excellent value for money, especially with such a limited budget.

Best Cheap Bass Guitars Under $100

2)Glarry Electric Bass

The Glarry Electric Bass is just an incredible bass that costs less than $100. Moreover, many bass players claim that if they did not know the price, they would not have guessed in life that it was so cheap. This model has the look and feel of a full size jazz bass and the build quality is also very good.

While testing this model, we were incredibly surprised by the tone it produces. Gladly Electric Bass sounds as clear and cheerful as possible without any noise.

That’s why we definitely rank this model among the top 5 bass guitars under 100 precisely because of its incredible tone. We also wanted to point out that all of the notes up and down the entire fretboard sound great. In addition there are two knobs on the bottom of the bass body (tone and volume).

Speaking of the neck, it is also smooth and thin and allows you to slide it up and down for maximum performance.

It should also be noted that this model is made out of rosewood and basswood, which are designed to ensure that the instrument has served you for a long time.

For people who care about design, we also have good news as the Glarry Electric Bass comes in many different colors. So, the Glarry Electric Bass is a great entry-level guitar that looks good and produces a tone that will surely impress you.

Best Cheap Bass Guitars Under $100

3) Safstar Electric Bass

Another good bass that produces great sound for the price is the Safstar Electric Bass. When testing this model, we first of all want to note that it is very well designed and stays in tune for a long time, which is very important for beginner bassists. It should also be noted that the scale of this model is a little shortly than a full-size bass, however this is insignificant, especially for a beginner.

Speaking about the sound quality, we want to note that it is quite good for bass guitars less than $100. Although it can be a bit heavy on the high frequencies, you may need to crank the bass EQ a bit.

However, for a guitar in this price range, you get an incredible sound that is more than enough for a beginner bass player. In addition, purchasing this model you will also receive a bass case, strap, pick, and a quarter-inch cord.

Another great feature of this guitar is that the Safstar Electric Bass is incredibly lightweight, making it easy to practice and travel. However, this model also has a drawback, namely the low-quality strings. That is why, if you decide to give preference to this model, we strongly recommend that you purchase high-quality strings separately.

Best Cheap Bass Guitars Under $100

4)Glarry 4 String GJazz Electric Bass

The Glarry 4 String GJazz Electric Bass is a model based on the legendary Fender Jazz Bass. It not only has an incredible design, but also good sound for this price range.

It is made out of basswood, just like like Squier by Fender. Like most models on this list, the Glarry 4 String GJazz Electric Bass comes with a few extras. This model is available in two colors and has 2 single-coil pickups.

The main advantage of this model is that it is considerably lightweight. Thus, it will be convenient for you not only to rehearse sitting and standing, but also to take the guitar with you on trips.

The finish of this model also looks pretty good with its natural wood color and black pickguard. In addition, we could not help but pay attention to the bridge saddles, which are pretty easy to adjust.

So, if you are a fan of the Fender Jazz Bass guitar, then the GLARRY GJazz is an incredibly cheap and high quality alternative. This model has almost the same configuration and offers you an incredibly high quality tone for this price category.

Best Cheap Bass Guitars Under $100

5) Lykos Fashion White Bass

Lykos Fashion White is another good quality model under $100 that resembles the design of the famous Fender Precision Bass but has 1 split-coil pickup.

This bass has 4 strings and is available in 6 different colors so you are sure to find the design you need.

Speaking about Lykos Fashion White Bass, we also couldn’t help but mention its comfortable body shape, which is perfect for long rehearsals. If you are a beginner bass player, then the shape of the guitar will also seem comfortable enough for you to spend many hours playing the instrument.

Also the guitars are quite light as it’s made out of basswood. Thus, you will be able to rehearse standing for a long time without problems, even if you have not had such experience in the past.

The Lykos Fashion White is a good enough model that you should definitely pay attention to. It has a large number of colors to choose from and gives you access to great tone.

So, if you are looking for an inexpensive guitar for beginners, then The Lykos Fashion White has everything you need.

Final Word

As you can see, finding a good quality guitar under $100 may not be easy, but the market still has good options. We hope our list of the best cheap bass guitars under $100 was useful to you and you were able to find the model you were looking for.

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