Best Bass Guitars 5 Strings

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Top Best Bass Guitars 5 Strings

You probably know that the bass guitar is one of the most popular instruments on earth. Millions of people around the world decide to learn how to play the bass guitar, even though it can be much more difficult than mastering a regular guitar. Interest in the bass guitar is due to its special charm and incredible sound. However, few people know that not all bass guitars have only four strings!

In recent years, 5 strings bass guitars have been gaining popularity as they give musicians more tonal variety. Probably not even worth mentioning that the five-string bass is much more difficult to learn than the regular bass. This is why we generally recommend that beginners start with a regular bass guitar and then move on to a five or six string. However, if you have always dreamed of learning how to play the five-string bass, then this guide is for you. Also, if you already have some experience playing the bass guitar, then our top of the best models will help you choose the right instrument for your desires and needs.

Why Do People Choose 5 String Electric Bass Guitars?

Unfortunately, this question cannot be answered unequivocally, however, having a five-string bass guitar opens up a lot of musical possibilities for you. If you just want to try something new, or find that you might need an extra string, then having a 5-string bass guitar can be very beneficial for you, even if you play mostly 4-strings.

It’s also worth noting that the best 5-string basses give you the extra heft of an added string while still maintaining the playability of a regular 4-string bass. In addition, while an extra string is technically only five extra notes, this extended range will allow you to play previously unknown melodies. Thus, many people choose bass guitars 5 strings as it gives them more tonal variety.

Top Best Bass Guitars 5 Strings

Here are our top picks:

Best Bass Guitars 5 Strings

1)Fender American Professional II Jazz Bass V

Body: Alder or Roasted Pine

Neck: Maple or Rosewood, bolt-on

Scale: 34″

Fingerboard: Rosewood

Frets: 20, narrow tall

Pickups: V-Mod II Single-Coil Jazz Bass (bridge), V-Mod Single-Coil Jazz Bass (middle)

Controls: Volume 1. (Middle Pickup), Volume 2. (Bridge Pickup), Master Tone

Hardware: 5-String High Mass Vintage (HMV), (Strings-Through-Body or Topload), Fender Lightweight Vintage-Style Keys with Tapered Shafts

Left Handed: Yes

Finish: Mystic Surf Green, Roasted Pine, Olympic White, 3-Color Sunburst

Whether you’re an aspiring musician or an experienced guitarist, you’ve heard of a music brand like Fender at least once in your life. For many years, this company has been famous for its high-quality and durable tools.

Speaking of the Fender American Professional II Jazz Bass V, this is a top-of-the-line instrument that will suit even the professional bass player. Built on decades of innovation and improvement, this guitar is one of the finest five string bass guitars on the market.

The Fender American Professional II Jazz Bass V is known for offering a different tone from the popular P-Bass model. Unlike it, this guitar is as versatile and discreet as possible.

Also noteworthy are her new V-Mod II pickups which help provide more power to the low B string. What’s more, the guitar features the neck with Posiflex graphite rods for reinforcement, and a HiMass Vintage bridge for added stability.

So, if you’re looking for one of the best 5-string bass guitars on the market, check out the Fender American Professional II Jazz Bass V.

Best Bass Guitars 5 Strings

2)Yamaha BB435 TBS

Body: Alder

Neck: 3-ply Maple/mahogany/maple, bolt-on

Scale: 34”

Fingerboard: Rosewood or Maple

Frets: 21, medium

Pickups: 2x YGD V5 in P/J configuration

Controls: 2x volume, master tone

Hardware: Vintage Plus Light steel-saddled bridge

Left-handed: No

Finish: Teal Blue, Black, Tobacco Brown Sunburst

If you are wondering are there 5 string electric bass guitars that can provide both vintage and modern tones, then we have the answer and this model will help you achieve both effects thanks to its P/J pickup configuration.

Also, if you are looking for 5 string bass guitars cheap, then we could safely put it in the low price category for five-string basses (719€).

Speaking of the Yamaha BB435 TBS, the first thing to mention is the independent volume controls for each pickup, which allow you to mix and match the characteristics of both pickups.

Thus, you get just incredible tonal flexibility! This model also has a single tone knob that adjusts the EQ for both pickups simultaneously. Speaking of build quality, Yamaha once again showed its prowess. You’ll get incredible intonation and stability thanks to the ingenious bridge with its 45-degree string breaks angle.

So, if you dream of finding one of the inexpensive 5 string bass guitars that will surprise you with both its quality and sound, then the Yamaha BB435 TBS has no equal on the market.

Best Bass Guitars 5 Strings

3) Schecter Stiletto Studio 5

Body: Mahogany with Bubinga top

Neck: Maple/Walnut Multi-ply

Scale: 35″

Fingerboard: Rosewood

Frets: 24, X-jumbo

Pickups: 2x EMG 40Hz

Controls: Master Volume/Blend/3-Band EMG Active EQ

Hardware: Diamond Custom Bass bridge, Schecter tuners

Left Handed: Yes

Finish: Honey Satin, See-Thru Black Satin

If you’re looking for 5 string bass guitars, chances are you haven’t thought of a company like Schecter as they aren’t that famous for their bass guitars.

However, since 1976, this brand has been gaining a reputation as a quality guitar manufacturer. That is why today we would like to present you the Schecter Stiletto Studio 5, a model that not only looks exquisite, but also offers great sound.

First of all, we’d like to draw your attention to a pair of EMG 40Hz pickups which, combined with a three band EQ, gives you a lot of powerful low end and distinctive tonality.

Thus, instead of imitating classic bass tones, this guitar has its own sound. It should also be noted that the mahogany body combined with the maple neck gives this guitar a very powerful sustain.

Best Bass Guitars 5 Strings

4)Ibanez EHB1005SMS

Body: Basswood, chambered

Neck: Toasted Maple/Walnut

Scale: 30” – 32”

Fingerboard: Toasted birdseye maple

Frets: 24, medium-jumbo

Pickups: 2x 2 Bartolini BH2 humbuckers

Controls: Volume, balance, bass, mid, treble, Varimid

Hardware: MR5HS bridge

Left-handed: Yes

Finish: Emerald Green Metallic Matte

If you are looking for one of the cheap 5 string bass guitars, then the Ibanez EHB1005SMS is not for you, but don’t be too quick to say no. This monster offers all the best features you can expect from a bass guitar.

This model has a multi-scale, and it will be simply impossible to find an analogue guitar at such an inexpensive cost. It costs about €1200, but with the Ibanez EHB1005SMS you won’t regret it.

First of all, check out the set of Bartolini pickups with Vari-mid 3-band EQ which will give you a huge tonal variety. Also an EQ-bypass switch will give you the ability to change the bass to a passive one.

Also, if you’ve never played a multi-scale instrument before, it will take you some time to get used to the fretboard. However, once you get used to the instrument, you won’t want to play anything else.

Best Bass Guitars 5 Strings

5) Warwick German Pro Series Thumb BO

Body: Ovangkol

Neck: Ovangkol

Scale: 34″

Fingerboard: Wenge

Frets: 24, jumbo

Pickups: 2x active MEC J/J single coils

Controls: Volume, balance, treble/bass

Hardware: Warwick 2-piece 3D bridge and tailpiece, Warwick machine heads

Left-handed: No

Finish: Natural Transparent Satin

The latest model that we want to introduce you to today is considered to be a modern classical bass guitar that perfectly combines both metal and funk style – Warwick German Pro Series Thumb BO. It is important to note that this model is focused specifically on performers of modern styles.

We would like to pay special attention to the MEC pickups which will give you a quality and powerful bass tone. Also the two band EQ will offer you a lot of flexibility with a handy push-pull knob that bypasses the active electronics.

In addition, the undeniable advantage is that the ovangkol body and neck are sustainably sourced, which is why the sound quality is very reminiscent of rosewood. It is also impossible not to note the build quality, which tells us that this guitar will serve you for many years.

So, if you’re looking for a durable quality musical instrument that’s perfect for contemporary styles, the Warwick German Pro Series Thumb BO is your best bet.

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