Best Beginner Bass Guitars

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Top Best Beginner Bass Guitars

Buying a guitar for the first time in your life is always an incredible event. Although it can be difficult or even scary, you are most likely inspired by the idea of learning more about the musical instrument you want to master. However, among all the variety that can be found on the Internet, it is very difficult to figure it out on your own. Which guitar should you choose? Which design do you prefer, how many strings? What characteristics to pay attention to? And in general, what exactly can be attributed to good bass guitars for beginners? If you are tormented by all these questions and you do not know the answers to them, then our top best beginner bass guitars is the best solution for you.

Even if you already know about the main characteristics you want to see in your instrument, good bass guitars for beginners must meet some requirements – doesn’t cost much, plays well and sounds nice. Also, for many beginning players, beginner electric bass guitars also need to look good. Your first guitar should certainly inspire you to keep making music, so it’s important to take the time to pick one.

After carefully studying the market, we have selected the top best recommended electric bass guitars for beginners. After studying them, you can find a model that suits your desires and needs.

Best Beginner Bass Guitars

Here are our top picks:

Best Beginner Bass Guitars

1)Ibanez GSRM20 Mikro

Body: Agathis

Neck: Maple, bolt-on

Scale: 28.6″

Fingerboard: Jatoba

Frets: 20

Pickups: PSNDP split-coil (middle), PSNDJ bridge

Controls: 2x volume, tone

Hardware: Ibanez B-10 bridge, chrome

Left Handed: Yes

Finish: Starlight Blue, Black, Pearl White, Orange Metallic, Brown Sunburst (w/Rosewood fingerboard), Transparent Red Rosewood, Weathered Black Rosewood, Metallic Purple, Root Beer Metallic, Walnut Flat

Almost no top 10 bass guitars for beginners is complete without a guitar brand like Ibanez. This company specializes in good, high-quality and durable musical instruments with excellent sound. However, not every musician knows that Ibanez also produce good beginner bass guitars.

The Ibanez GSRM20 Mikro is a great entry-level model perfect for kids or shorter people. This guitar features a short scale and slim neck profile, making it the ultimate rehearsal tool.

We also ranked the Ibanez GSRM20 Mikro among the best starter bass guitars, as this model is the most versatile. Whether you prefer a particular style of music or experiment with your sound, pickups combined with EQ will give you great tonal variety.

So, if you are looking for easy to play bass guitars from a well-known brand, or you were just looking for ibanez bass guitars for beginners, then you will not find anything better than the Ibanez GSRM20 Mikro.

Best Beginner Bass Guitars

2)Squier Classic Vibe ‘60s Jazz Bass

Body: Alder

Neck: Maple, bolt-on

Scale: 34”

Fingerboard: Indian laurel

Frets: 20, narrow tall

Pickups: Fender Designed Alnico single-coil (bridge), Fender Designed Alnico split-coil (middle)

Controls: 2x Volume, tone

Hardware: 4-Saddle Vintage Style with threaded steel saddles, vintage-style open-gear tuners, chrome

Left-handed: Yes

Finish: Daphne Blue, Black, 3-Color Sunburst

Top bass guitars for beginners 4 string vintage-inspired top bass guitars include the Squier Classic Vibe ’60s Jazz Bass. While the sound of this guitar may not be to everyone’s taste, it still offers good tonal value for a variety of different musical styles. Also not to mention the Fender-designed Alnico pickups, thanks to which you can experiment with sound and achieve exactly the sound you need.

Other than that, the build quality of this model is also excellent, especially considering the fact that the price is more than reasonable even for a beginner. In addition, Squier is a subsidiary of Fender, so you can be sure that the quality of the instrument will be top notch.

So, if you’re still wondering what are the best four string starter bass guitars, definitely check out the Squier Classic Vibe ’60s Jazz Bass with an incredible jazz sound and great tonal variety.

Best Beginner Bass Guitars

3)Yamaha BB234

Body: Alder

Neck: Maple, bolt-on

Scale: 34”

Fingerboard: Rosewood

Frets: 21, medium

Pickups: Custom V3 single-coil (bridge), Custom V3 split-coil (middle)

Controls: 2x volume, tone

Hardware: Vintage-style bridge, lightweight open-gear tuners, chrome

Left Handed: Yes

Finish: Vintage White, Black, Teal Blue, Natural Satin, Raspberry Red

Another brand that appears in all top 10 beginner bass guitars is Yamaha. It has been in the music market for several decades and has been providing quality instruments with good sound all this time.

This brand also specializes in good bass guitars to start out with and knows how to create an instrument for young players on a budget. That is why today we would like to present to your attention the Yamaha BB234.

We rated this model among the best bass guitars for starters as it has an interesting vintage body that is also modern enough to handle your favorite musical style.

Also, this model will be an ideal option for those musicians who have not yet chosen a direction and want to experiment with different genres of music. It’s important to note that the Yamaha BB234 doesn’t have a blend control or pickup selector, but we don’t think it’s that important for beginner bass guitars.

However, you will have an individual pickup volume which will allow you to set the mix however you like. Thus, we can say without a doubt that one of the great electric bass guitars for beginners is the Yamaha BB234.

Best Beginner Bass Guitars

4)Yamaha TRBX 305

Body: Poplar with quilt maple veneer

Neck: Maple, bolt-on

Scale: 34”

Fingerboard: Laurel

Frets: 24, jumbo

Pickups: 2x Jackson medium-output mini-humbuckers (bridge and middle)

Controls: Active 3-band EQ, volume (push/pull active/passive) pickup selector

Hardware: HiMass bridge, die-cast tuners, Chrome

Left-handed: No

Finish: Dark Sunburst, Amber Blue Burst

We have also decided to include in our top 5 bass guitars for beginners a model that stands out not only for its playability, but also for its good sound.

First of all, it is important to note that the Spectra Bass series is a completely different side to Jackson, which does not have sharp edges and an offset double-cutaway body. However, we have categorized this model as good started bass guitars as it has a full two-octave fretboard and is an incredibly playable bass.

The Jackson Spectra Bass JS3Q is one of those top bass guitars for beginners that will give you a huge variety of tones to experiment with. In addition, we could not help but pay attention to its string-through-body HiMass bridge, which makes this bass as stable as possible.

Also, this guitar has push/pull for active or passive performance, which also distinguishes it from others and makes it one of the great beginner bass guitars. So, if you are looking for one of the best bass guitars to learn on, definitely choose the Jackson Spectra Bass JS3Q.

Best Beginner Bass Guitars

5) Epiphone Thunderbird E1

Body: Nato

Neck: Maple, bolt-on

Scale: 34”

Fingerboard: Amara ebony

Frets: 24, medium-jumbo

Pickups: Spector J style Single-coil (bridge), Spector P Style Split Single-coil (middle)

Controls: 2x volume, 2x tone

Hardware: Spector Standard bridge, JinHo JB150 tuners, black

Left-handed: No

Finish: Metallic Red, Solid White Gloss, Metallic Blue, Solid Black Gloss

The last model from our top beginner bass guitars that we want to introduce you to today is the Spector Performer 4. This guitar is as easy to use as possible, therefore it is one of the best bass guitars for beginners.

Despite the fact that this model does not have active pickups and electronics, it will still surprise you with its proportions and body shape. The Spector Performer 4 is truly one of the best quality bass guitars for beginners you can find for the money.

The Spector Performer 4 has a passive P+J pickup configuration where each pickup has an independent volume and tone control button.

Thus, you will get the opportunity to customize from mixing them as you need. In addition, this model gives you access to a huge number of tones, and therefore, different musical styles.

Speaking of the Spector Performer 4, we also couldn’t help but mention its three-piece neck, which is extremely comfortable and stable. So, the Spector Performer 4 is one of the quality beginner bass guitars that definitely deserves your attention.


Finding one of the best introductory level bass guitars that fits all your needs can be quite difficult as there are so many factors to consider. Whether you’re looking for cheap bass electric guitars for beginners or best professional bass guitars for newbies, you’re in for a tough decision. We hope that our top best starting bass guitars was helpful and you were able to find what you were looking for.

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