Fender Eric Johnson Stratocaster Electric Guitar Review 2023

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Fender Eric Johnson Stratocaster Electric Guitar Review 2023

The Fender Eric Johnson Stratocaster was designed by the man himself, Eric Johnson. It is a signature model, which means that it was designed with specific input from the artist. Many signature models are based on existing guitars, but this guitar is different.

It was created from the ground up to be the perfect guitar for Eric Johnson. The body is made from alder, which gives it a bright and snappy sound. The neck is maple and has a very thin profile – similar to a Fender Jaguar or Jazzmaster.

This makes it very easy to play, even for those with smaller hands. The fretboard is made from maple and has 22 medium-jumbo frets. The pickups are a combination of a vintage-style single-coil in the neck position and a Texas Special at the bridge. This gives the guitar a wide range of tones that can be tweaked to match your style.

The Fender Eric Johnson Stratocaster is available in 2 different colors – Vintage White and 3-Tone Sunburst. I prefer the Vintage White, but it really comes down to personal preference. I have played this guitar through just about every type of amp out there and it always sounds great. Whether you are playing jazz, blues, country, or rock, this guitar can do it all. It is also very versatile for recording. I have used it in the studio for both electric and acoustic guitar tracks.

If you are looking for a guitar that can do it all, the Fender Eric Johnson Stratocaster is the one. It is an expensive guitar, but it is worth every penny. You will never regret buying this guitar.

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