Orange Crush 20RT Review

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Orange Crush 20RT Review

Crush Your Sound with Orange Crush 20RT: An Honest Review

Are you someone with a passion for music and looking for an amp that perfectly complements your guitar? Look no further, as today we discuss the highly sought-after Orange Crush 20RT! This amplifier is a budget-friendly option that stands out with its rock-solid build, stunning design, and incredible sound quality. In this review, we will discuss all the pros and cons of the Orange Crush 20RT in detail.

Design and Build Quality

Starting with its looks, the Orange Crush 20RT has a familiar and striking design with a woven speaker grille and signature Orange Tolex. This amplifier is expertly crafted and built with the sturdiness that is the hallmark of Orange Amps. The build quality is impressive, with a solid wood construction and a weight that makes it durable. The control knobs are easy to grasp and responsive to your tweaks, making this an amp that simplifies your sound.

Sound Quality

Perhaps the most important factor in your decision to buy an amp is its sound. With Orange Crush 20RT, you will not be disappointed! The amplifier’s 20 watts of power, 8-inch speaker, and clean channel offer an impressive clarity and fullness of sound. Orange has done an excellent job of creating a versatile tube-style overdrive that adds a gritty, authentic texture to your sound. This little amplifier produces a big sound, perfect for both home and stage use.


The Orange Crush 20RT has various features that make it a well-rounded amplifier. It has built-in reverb that produces a lush and wet depth of sound. This amplifier’s headphone jack and AUX input allow you to play along to your favorite tracks or practice quietly. Additionally, it features a chromatic tuner that you can access by pressing the effect button.

The Orange Crush 20RT has various advantages. For one, it has a beautiful design and great build quality. Among its various features, the headphone jack and AUX input functionalities are standouts. This amplifier provides a broad range of tone and excellent sound quality. Also, its compact size and portability make it perfect for small practice spaces and gigs.

While the Orange Crush 20RT has several benefits, it is not without its limitations. It only has one speaker, which some musicians may find limiting. Additionally, the 8-inch speaker may not be loud enough for bigger venues. The controls on this amp are small, making it challenging to make changes on the fly, but one can get used to them over time.


To wrap up, Orange Crush 20RT is a fantastic amplifier that offers a range of incredible features. It is budget-friendly and perfect for those looking for a good-quality practice amp. It has fantastic portability and a versatile tube-style overdrive that will make your sound stand out in any setting. We hope our review has helped you decide if this amplifier is what you are looking for in your music journey. Remember to analyze the pros and cons and weigh them based on your needs before making any final decisions.

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