Musicman Cutlass Electric Bass Review 2023

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Musicman Cutlass Electric Bass Review 2023

The Musicman Cutlass Electric Bass: A Comprehensive Review

The Musicman Cutlass Electric Bass, a product of Ernie Ball Music Man, is an electric bass guitar that has garnered much acclaim for its superior playability and versatile tone. As an instrument, it has been hailed as a straightforward rock ‘n’ roll machine, which is not a title earned lightly in the music world.

Design and Construction

The Cutlass Electric Bass is characterized by its attention to detail throughout the design and construction process. Its frets are perfectly fitted and polished, while the setup boasts a roomy string height that is not overly low. This meticulous design allows for a smooth playing experience, with many reviewers noting the silky feel of the instrument.

The construction of the Cutlass Bass also includes several highlights. For instance, it features a unique body shape that offers a comfortable playing experience. It is built with high-quality materials that contribute to its durability and sound quality.


When it comes to playability, the Cutlass Bass stands out. One user compared playing the Cutlass to driving a sports car, noting that after using it, other basses felt like driving an 18-wheeler. This analogy speaks volumes about the superior playability of the Cutlass Bass.

The bass is extremely dynamic and expressive, easily capable of achieving anything a bassist would hope to achieve with this style of guitar. Its playability is further enhanced by the roomy string height, which allows for easy finger movement and reduces the risk of hitting unwanted strings.

Tone and Sound Quality

The Cutlass Bass is renowned for its amazingly versatile tone. Whether you’re looking for a classic bass sound or something more unique, the Cutlass Bass can deliver. The tones from the Cutlass are described as rounder and slightly warmer than those from other bass guitars.

Furthermore, the Cutlass Bass has an aggressive voice, characterized by glassy treble and rich bass. This bold, brilliant character adds to the overall sound quality of the instrument, making it ideal for a variety of music genres.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Musicman Cutlass Electric Bass is a high-quality instrument that offers superior playability, a versatile tone, and excellent construction. Its attention to detail, from the perfectly fitted and polished frets to the unique body shape, contributes to its overall appeal.

Whether you’re a professional bassist looking for an instrument that can keep up with your dynamic performances or a beginner searching for a bass guitar that is easy to play and sounds great, the Cutlass Bass is a fantastic choice. It is highly recommended by many users, with one reviewer even stating, “Every single thing about the Cutlass is so much better.”

Ernie Ball Music Man has a reputation for producing some of the best production guitars around, and the Cutlass Electric Bass is no exception. It embodies the quality and innovation that the brand is known for, making it a worthy addition to any musician’s collection.

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