Blackstar FLY3 Acoustic Amp Review

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Blackstar FLY3 Acoustic Amp Review

Get that Perfect Acoustic Sound with Blackstar FLY3 Acoustic Amp: A Comprehensive Review

If you’re a musician, you know the importance of having a good quality amp for a perfect sound. Blackstar FLY3 Acoustic Amp is a product that has been getting a lot of buzz lately. This mini amplifier is a unique and innovative product that provides excellent sound quality and has been very well received by consumers. In this article, we will be giving you a comprehensive review of the Blackstar FLY3 Acoustic Amp, highlighting its features, pros, and cons. So, whether you’re a beginner or a professional musician, read on to find out whether this is the right amp for you.

Design & Build

The Blackstar FLY3 Acoustic Amp has a trendy design that comes in a variety of colors, such as natural wood, cream, and black. It also has a built-in digital chorus effect, which is great for adding some depth to your sound. The amp is made of high-quality materials and is quite durable. It weighs only 1.98 lbs and is super portable, which makes it great for traveling musicians.

Sound Quality

When it comes to sound quality, the Blackstar FLY3 Acoustic Amp does not disappoint. It features a loud 3″ speaker and a 3-watt power output, which is perfect for a small jam session or to practice at home. The speaker delivers a crystal-clear and detailed sound, which is perfect for acoustic guitars, ukuleles, and even electric guitars. Moreover, the built-in tape delay effect gives you the classic analog tape delay sound that some musicians crave.

Battery Life

The Blackstar FLY3 Acoustic Amp is powered by six AA batteries, which makes it super portable. The battery life is quite impressive and can last up to 55 hours, making it ideal for outdoor performances, camping trips, and other adventures. However, if you use the built-in digital delay effect or the chorus effect frequently, the battery life may drain quite quickly.


One of the biggest advantages of the Blackstar FLY3 Acoustic Amp is its versatility. It has two channels, one for an acoustic instrument and another for a microphone or MP3 player. The mic channel has a level control knob, allowing you to adjust the mic volume according to your need. The MP3 channel allows you to connect to your phone or laptop for playing backing tracks or songs. Furthermore, the amp features an Emulated Output for silent practice and recording.

• Excellent sound quality, perfect for acoustic instruments
• Portable and lightweight design
• Battery life can last up to 55 hours
• Two channels provide versatility
• Built-in tape delay effect and digital chorus effect

• Battery life may drain quickly with built-in effects
• Lacks reverb or other effects
• Not suitable for performances in large venues


The Blackstar FLY3 Acoustic Amp is a fantastic product that provides excellent sound quality, versatility, and portability. It is perfect for practicing at home, street performances, and small gigs. It is well-built, and the battery life is quite impressive. The built-in digital chorus and tape delay effects are a great bonus and add depth to your sound. However, it lacks reverb and other effects. Overall, this is a great product for musicians who want to achieve a perfect acoustic sound at an affordable price.

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