Best Left Handed Bass Guitars

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Top Best Left Handed Bass Guitars

You can really overwhelm your head trying to find good quality lefthanded bass guitars. Moreover, some novice musicians are wondering “are bass guitars left handed”, because they have no idea about the availability of such options. Despite the fact that at the moment the market is replete with a huge number of different models, there are not so many high-quality left-handed models. Moreover, for many musicians it is important to find an instrument that will suit their budget and musical taste.

So, if you are a left-handed guitarist and have at least once felt frustrated that there are a huge number of right-handed guitars in the world, but not so many left-handed options, then our guide is exactly what you need. We have solved all your problems by analyzing the main options available on the market at the moment and have identified the most suitable left bass guitars for you. Whether you’re looking for cheap left handed bass guitars or left handed short scale bass guitars, you’ll find everything you need here.

Top Best Left Handed Bass Guitars

Here are our top picks:

Best Left Handed Bass Guitars

1)Davison 235LH

We decided to start our list of the best left handed electric bass guitars with a model that is ideal for a beginner who wants to get fast results. If you are one of them, then the most suitable option for you would be a bass guitar starter kit.

It is the Davison 235LH that will offer you everything you need to get started and relieve you of the need to explore the market yourself. It should be noted that cheaper kits are also available, but we wouldn’t recommend you get them, as they will look more like toys than a real bass guitar. Moreover, buying a cheap low-quality tool can stop your new hobby. Davison 235LH is a great bundle that will give you everything you need to get started.

This model is a classic full size bass that is one of the most popular models of all time. This p-bass with straightforward controls and single pickup will be the best solution for a beginner as it combines versatility and simplicity.

The body of the guitar is made from solid wood lightweight poplar for a powerful and resonant tone. It should also be noted that the low weight of the Davison 235LH is ideal for beginners.

Speaking of other distinguishing features of this model, one cannot help but pay attention to the comfortable maple neck with a maple fretboard of 22 frets, as well as an excellent volume and tone control that will help you create the perfect sound.

Also, the guitar has a stable chrome bridge and durable tuners, which keeps your tuning for a long time. Davison also includes all necessary accessories with this guitar – a 15 watt bass amp, a shoulder strap, a padded gig bag, a cable and a selection of picks. So, if you are looking for one of the best and lightest electric left hand bass guitars on the market, then the Davison 235LH is your best bet.

Best Left Handed Bass Guitars

2)Ibanez GSR200BL

Another of the best and most reliable electric left handed bass guitars that we couldn’t help but mention in this top is the Ibanez GSR200BL. This model is an excellent choice for beginners as it has a compact and lightweight body and a slim maple neck profile.

What’s more, it has both precision and jazz bass style pickups, making it extremely versatile and suitable for many musical styles. The guitar is solid enough and gives you plenty of thick, fat tone that even beginner guitarists should be happy with.

Also, if you’ve been looking for cheap left handed bass guitars, you’ll be happy to know that the Ibanez GSR200BL is currently the most affordable 4-string left-handed bass guitar from the well-known brand.

Speaking of other distinguishing features of this model, one cannot fail to note an Ibanez B10 bridge for tons of sustain, a 22 fret jatoba fingerboard and a master tone pot.

Also this guitar has separate volume knobs for each pickup. What’s more, Ibanez has also included its Phat II EQ control which provides active bass boost for extra bass power. So, if you are looking for cheap left handed bass guitars, then definitely pay attention to the Ibanez GSR200BL.

Best Left Handed Bass Guitars

3) Sawtooth EP ST-PB

If your budget is limited and you are thinking about finding left handed bass guitars for sale, then one of the best options for you is the Sawtooth EP ST-PB. This brand is known for its range of affordable tools that offer a much higher quality than their price.

We’d like to mention that this model feels a lot more solid and solid than the Davison we talked about earlier. This effect is largely achieved thanks to its solid basswood body.

As you may know, this tone-wood is known for its even low, mid and high frequency response, giving you a truly balanced sound. What’s more, the Sawtooth EP ST-PB is an instrument that can handle any musical genre.

The body of this model is basswood and the neck is maple and has a rosewood fingerboard with 20 frets. It should also be noted that the Sawtooth EP ST-PB has a standard 34” scale length, and also split pickups, classic fibers and single volume and tone controls.

What’s more, every guitar from this brand goes through a 24-point tuning test, which means you can play it as soon as you take it out of the box. Undoubtedly, this will be a great bonus for a beginner who has no idea how to tune his first bass guitar.

The only downside to this left hand bass guitar is that it doesn’t come with any extra accessories, but you can still get them for the maximum amount available.

Best Left Handed Bass Guitars

4)Squier Classic Vibe 70s Jazz Bass

The Squier Classic Vibe 70s Jazz Bass is one of the finest left handed bass guitars you can find on the market. Not to mention that this model was inspired by the 1970s Fender Jazz Bass and it offers you a comfortable offset body design. Squier Classic Vibe 70s Jazz Bass is the most versatile instrument with a huge range of tones that will not leave you indifferent.

It also features a lightweight poplar body and a maple neck with a 20 frets maple fretboard to brighten up the tone. Not to mention the chunky block fretboard which goes well with the overall style of the guitar.

The neck is as slim and comfortable as possible, and tapers to a width of just 1.5 inches at the nut, making it a great option for beginners. This neck is also ideal for playing fast bass lines and will be the best solution for players with small hands.

The Squier Classic Vibe 70s Jazz Bass features two Fender designed alnico single-coil pickups that reproduce the great articulating tones that Jazz basses are known for. In addition, the model has separate volume controls for each bass, which allows you to fine-tune a large number of different sounds.

Best Left Handed Bass Guitars

5)Fender Player Jazz Bass

The last of the lefty bass guitars that we want to introduce you to is the most suitable solution for all jazz lovers – the Fender Player Jazz Bass. This stunning model is crafted from Brazilian Pau Ferro wood, giving it an incredible sonic performance that is a lot like tones of rosewood.

Moreover, most likely you have at least once heard of a company like Fender, which is famous for high-quality and durable instruments, so the Fender Player Jazz Bass will not let you down.

This model will be an excellent option not only for beginners, but also for bassists who have been playing a cheap instrument for several years and want to purchase something of a higher quality, but still affordable. And, of course, the Fender Player Jazz Bass has the perfect tones for jazz music.

However, if you are not a fan of this guitar genre, you should probably pay attention to other models from our list. However, if you have been looking for one of the best left handed bass guitars for jazz for a long time, then the Fender Player Jazz Bass will not leave you indifferent.


Finding the right left handed bass guitar can be difficult, especially if you’re looking for something specific like custom left handed bass guitars or southpaw bass guitars. In our guide, we have collected all the best lefty bass guitars that can be found on the market. We hope our top was useful to you and you found what you were looking for. Good luck!aming about.

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