Best 6 String Ukulele

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Top The Best 6 String Ukulele

The 6-string ukulele, a unique twist on the traditional 4-string version, offers musicians a fuller and richer sound. With two additional strings, players can explore more complex chords and melodies. In this article, we will review some of the best 6 string ukuleles available on the market today.

Our Top Picks for the Best 6 String Ukulele

Best 6 String Ukulele

1) Kanile’a GL6 Solid Koa 6 String Guitarlele

Kanile’a is a brand renowned for its high-quality instruments, and the GL6 Solid Koa 6 String Guitarlele is no exception. Boasting a solid Koa body, this ukulele produces a rich, warm tone that’s perfect for both strumming and fingerpicking. Its unique design combines the size and convenience of a ukulele with the six strings of a guitar, offering a unique playing experience. This model is popular among ukulele players for its sound quality and playability.

Best 6 String Ukulele

2) Romero Creations Tiny Tenor 6 String

The Romero Creations Tiny Tenor 6 String Ukulele is a premium choice for musicians who want a high-end instrument. Designed by master luthier Pepe Romero, this ukulele features a solid spruce top and rosewood back and sides, providing a balanced and resonant sound. Its compact size makes it easy to carry, but it still delivers a robust sound typically associated with larger instruments.

Best 6 String Ukulele

3) Kala KA-6 Mahogany 6 String Tenor Ukulele

Kala is a well-known name in the world of ukuleles, and their KA-6 Mahogany 6 String Tenor Ukulele lives up to their reputation. It features an all-mahogany body that gives it a warm, full sound. The 6-string configuration allows for more musical versatility, making this ukulele a great option for those looking to experiment with different sounds.

Best 6 String Ukulele

4) Luna Tattoo 6 String Ukulele

The Luna Tattoo 6 String Ukulele is not only a great sounding instrument, but it’s also a work of art. The ukulele features a beautiful Hawaiian tattoo design laser-etched on its body, giving it a unique and eye-catching look. In terms of sound, the Luna Tattoo delivers a clear, bright tone that’s perfect for various music styles.

Best 6 String Ukulele

5) Oscar Schmidt OU26T Ukulel

The Oscar Schmidt OU26T is a 6-string tenor ukulele known for its high-quality construction and exceptional sound. It features a mahogany body that produces a warm, rich tone, and a rosewood fingerboard for smooth playability. This model is a popular choice for intermediate and advanced players due to its excellent sound quality and durability.

Best 6 String Ukulele

6) Gloss Solid Cedar Top Acacia 6-String Tenor Ukulele 

The Gloss Solid Cedar Top Acacia 6-String Tenor Ukulele from Kala boasts a solid cedar top and acacia back and sides, resulting in a ukulele that has both a beautiful appearance and a remarkable sound. Its natural, loud projection makes it an ideal choice for stage performance.

Best 6 String Ukulele

7) Islander 6-String Ukulele (GL6) 

The Islander 6-String Ukulele (GL6) is a well-crafted instrument made from Acacia wood. It offers a warm, balanced tone and has a satin finish that enhances its natural beauty. Its manual operation mode allows for a more hands-on playing experience.


In conclusion, there are many fantastic 6-string ukuleles available, each with their unique features and qualities. The best 6 string ukulele for you will depend on your personal preferences, playing style, and budget. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, a 6-string ukulele can add a new dimension to your music and provide endless hours of enjoyment.

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