Warwick Gnome Head Review

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Warwick Gnome Head Review

Warwick Gnome Head Review: Is It Worth the Investment?

As a musician, you always need high-quality equipment that will deliver outstanding performance. Among the most vital equipment, you need is an amplifier. In the market, Warwick Gnome Head is one of the most recommended options. But what’s all the fuss about this amp? In this article, we will discuss the Warwick Gnome Head review with all the pros and cons. You will get to know if it’s worth the investment and if it aligns with your needs.

The Design and Build Quality

When it comes to appearance, the Warwick Gnome Head has a relatively simple look. Compared to other models in the market, it stands out with its premium build quality. Its frame is made of high-quality metal that makes it sturdy and durable. It’s a portable lightweight amplifier that you can carry around your gigs quickly. In terms of size, it measures 5.5 by 2.4 by 6.7 inches that fit perfectly in your hand. Its overall design and build quality are outstanding, making it an excellent choice for gigging musicians.

Sound Quality

One of the significant features that make Warwick Gnome Head stand out is its excellent sound quality. It’s a 200-watt solid-state amp that produces a warm and full sound that can fill up any room. When playing, you get to enjoy a high-quality clean tone that will do justice to your music. Whether you prefer playing metal, jazz or blues, this amp’s sound quality can accommodate your needs. Additionally, the parametric EQ allows you to adjust the tone according to your preference.


The Warwick Gnome Head is a versatile amplifier that you can use for different music genres. Whether you prefer solid-state or tube amps, this amp has something that can cater to your needs. The DI out feature makes it easy to use with the mixing console or recording setup. You can also use the subwoofer output, making it an excellent choice for bass players.

Despite being an excellent amp, the Warwick Gnome Head also has some drawbacks. One of its significant cons is the price, which may be on the higher side for some musicians. It also has fewer control knobs, making it difficult to fine-tune the sound to your liking. Additionally, the amp’s cable connectors are situated at the rear that could be inconvenient in some setups.

The Warwick Gnome Head has several advantages that make it a worthwhile investment. It is highly portable, making it convenient for gigging musicians. Its build quality and sound quality are exceptional, producing clean and warm tones. It’s also a versatile amplifier that you can use for different music genres and features a DI out and a subwoofer output, making it easy to use in different setups.


The Warwick Gnome Head is a fantastic amp that delivers exceptional sound quality, versatile features, and excellent design and build quality. Despite its drawbacks, it remains a worthy investment for musicians who value high-quality equipment. Its portability makes it an excellent option for gigging, while its DI out and subwoofer output make it easy to use in different setups. If you’re looking for a high-quality solid-state amplifier that can cater to your musical needs, then the Warwick Gnome Head could be the perfect choice for you.

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