Squier by Fender 50’s Telecaster Electric Guitar Review 2023

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Squier by Fender 50's Telecaster Electric Guitar Review 2023

Here’s my Squier by Fender 50’s Telecaster. For some reason, I thought it was a 2011 model, but it’s actually early 2008 (serial number prefix of “VN”).

  It features the standard Tele bridge/tailpiece configuration with a 3-way pickup selector switch and volume/tone knobs. The neck is maple with 21 medium jumbo frets finished in satin urethane to allow for smooth playability. The body is solid Alder finished in polyurethane gloss black. This model comes stock with three Duncan-designed single-coil pickups.

I’ve had this thing for about two years now and to be honest there isn’t too much to say about it. The components really aren’t anything special, but they do the job. What’s interesting is the vintage tinted neck, which adds a little something different to my rather generic-looking black guitar.

The fretboard radius of this thing is enormous, so if you are used to playing on 6 or 7-string guitars with shallower radii you’re in for a treat! Of course, this also means that if you have smaller hands there may be some problems reaching certain frets. Also, each string has its own individual saddle, allowing for excellent string resonance and tone/volume balance between them all.

If I had any complaints about this guitar I would probably say that it could use bigger block saddles for more balanced volume across all six strings, but that’s pretty much all I can come up with. The stock pickups are okay for rhythm playing but don’t cut it if you’re into lead stuff. They do have a nice warm sort of mid-rangy tone to them though which is pleasant enough to listen to.

As far as playability goes this thing is awesome. The neck just glides across the fretboard and feels great in your hand due to its satin urethane finish. Whether you prefer a Gibson or Fender, just about every company has their own version of a ’50s round-back guitar so this would be a perfect candidate for someone looking at upgrading from something like an Epiphone Dot or an entry-level Squier Strat.

If you’re looking for a good solid guitar for a good price, I would recommend the Squier by Fender 50’s Telecaster.

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