Schecter 432 C-6 Deluxe Electric Guitar Review 2023

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Schecter 432 C-6 Deluxe Electric Guitar Review 2023

The Schecter 432 C-6 Deluxe is straight out of the box a true rock guitar. I have always found that anything with the name “C” means serious business for any guitarist. You can easily find yourself shredding hours away to your favorite songs with this bad boy. It features two Duncan Designed humbuckers, Grover tuners, and set neck construction. It has a mahogany body with a maple top, adding some sparkle to its looks as well as providing an amazing tone which is right up my alley!

The finish is called “emerald green”, but it’s more like a seafoam green color to me (I’m not complaining). And the pictures don’t do it justice. Here are some close-ups. Also, it has a real Floyd Rose bridge so you can dive with no problems. The finish is great quality, I’ve had this guitar for nearly 2 years and there is barely even any marks on the back of the neck where your hand slides up and down.

All in all, I would give this 6 string monster an eight outta 10! For only $400.00 bucks with an amazing warranty, you’d be crazy not to pick one up.

With 24 frets it’s easy to go past that high G note without even realizing it! *cough* AC/DC *cough*. Schecter makes sure their guitars are tuned in E before shipping them off (which is nice). But if you like to tune your guitar to something else, or straight out of the factory string it up in standard tuning, I’d recommend getting a new set.

The pickups are passive but still pack a punch and can take some serious abuse (If you like to chug away on those low strings you will need a bass amp). If you want to play metal then I would definitely give this Schecter 432 Deluxe a second look.

On the other end of the spectrum if you’re into that bluesy rock stuff such as AC/DC (which I am) then I would say this is for sure something worth having because it’ll keep up with your playing quite well. Keep in mind there’s no tone control knob, just volume knobs for both pickups.

But, something I noticed with the bridge pickup is that it gets super trebly and piercing on the twelfth fret (which isn’t always a bad thing). So just turn down your tone knob or play around with the volume knobs to your taste.

All in all this guitar is amazing, I would easily compare it to many $1000 models out there! If you don’t mind spending an extra $50 bucks for some new strings then go pick one up at Guitar Center or Musicians Friend. You won’t regret it!!!

Ok so here’s my review about Schecter guitars…I own two of them now actually. One is a simple Special-II which has served me well for years without any problems. And the other one being the C-1 Hellraiser. Only had it for about two months now…but boy do I love this thing!


Hellraiser has EMG 81 (bridge) and 85 (neck) pickups which are great quality IMO, they produce a great metal sound to them yet still retain clarity in clean tones. Its mahogany body is much thicker than that of my Special-II which aids in higher-end tone; having said that you can definitely get some really clear richer sounds out of the LS set if that’s what you’re into. The neck feels like an ESP but with better fret access due to its “super strat” shape where the horns are slanted/pointed downwards.

Overall, great quality and sound for half the price of a Gibson or ESP/LTD. I’ve played plenty of LTD models and after having the Hellraiser I much rather spend my money on Schecter cuz they make high-end guitars without the high-end prices. Highly recommended!

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