PRS SE 277 Baritone Electric Guitar Review 2023

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PRS SE 277 Baritone Electric Guitar Review 2023

PRS SE 277 Baritone Electric Guitar: A Comprehensive Review

The guitar industry has been evolving quickly in recent years, with manufacturers continuously pushing the envelope to create new and innovative instruments. One such example is the PRS SE 277 Baritone electric guitar, a model that has garnered significant attention for its unique features and tonal capabilities. In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the various aspects of this instrument, including its construction, playability, tone, and overall value.

Construction and Design

The PRS SE 277 Baritone is part of the company’s SE (Student Edition) lineup, which offers more affordable versions of their high-end, US-made instruments. Despite being part of the SE series, this baritone guitar is built with a great deal of care and precision, resulting in a high-quality product that rivals many of its more expensive counterparts.

The body of the SE 277 is made of mahogany, a popular choice for electric guitars due to its warm and resonant tonal characteristics. The top is constructed from a beveled maple veneer, providing an attractive visual contrast and added brightness to the sound. The guitar’s set-neck design further enhances its sustain and resonance, ensuring a rich and full tone.

The neck of the SE 277 is also comprised of mahogany, with a rosewood fingerboard adorned by PRS’s signature bird inlays. The neck has a wide-fat profile, which may feel chunky to some players, but offers a comfortable grip and excellent stability. The scale length of this baritone guitar is 27.7 inches, allowing for lower tunings without sacrificing string tension.

In terms of hardware, the PRS SE 277 Baritone features a PRS-designed plate-style bridge with brass saddles, offering excellent intonation and tuning stability. The guitar is equipped with PRS-designed tuners, which are reliable and smooth in operation. The instrument also sports a pair of PRS SE 85/15 “S” humbucking pickups, which provide a versatile range of tones suitable for various musical genres.


The PRS SE 277 Baritone’s longer scale length may initially appear intimidating to some players, particularly those who are new to baritone guitars. However, the well-crafted neck and comfortable profile make this instrument surprisingly easy to play.

The wide-fat neck profile offers a solid grip for players with larger hands, while the extra fretboard real estate allows for comfortable chord shapes and smooth lead work. The jumbo frets are well-dressed and even across the entire fingerboard, ensuring a consistent playing experience.

The guitar’s set-neck construction contributes to its exceptional sustain and resonance, making each note ring out with clarity and authority. Additionally, the PRS-designed bridge and tuners provide excellent tuning stability, ensuring that the instrument stays in tune even during aggressive playing or when employing alternate tunings.


The tonal capabilities of the PRS SE 277 Baritone are incredibly versatile, thanks in large part to the well-matched combination of mahogany body, maple top, and PRS-designed 85/15 “S” pickups. The guitar produces a warm and thick sound, with plenty of low-end depth and resonance, making it ideal for heavier music styles such as metal and hard rock.

However, the SE 277 is far from a one-trick pony. The 85/15 “S” pickups offer an impressive range of tonal options, from crisp and articulate cleans to roaring overdrive and distortion. The guitar’s coil-splitting feature, activated via a push-pull tone pot, further expands its sonic palette, allowing for convincing single-coil sounds and increased tonal flexibility.

Whether you’re playing clean chords, crunchy riffs, or searing leads, the PRS SE 277 Baritone delivers a satisfying and responsive playing experience. Its extended range and unique tonal characteristics make it an excellent addition to any guitarist’s arsenal, particularly those looking to explore new sonic territories.


Considering its build quality, playability, and tonal versatility, the PRS SE 277 Baritone offers excellent value for the price. While it may not boast the same prestige as its US-made counterparts, this guitar is more than capable of holding its own in terms of performance and craftsmanship.

For players who are new to baritone guitars or simply looking for a well-rounded, versatile instrument, the SE 277 is a fantastic option that won’t break the bank. Its unique tonal capabilities and extended range make it a valuable tool for guitarists seeking to expand their musical horizons.


The PRS SE 277 Baritone electric guitar is an impressive and versatile instrument that delivers exceptional playability, tone, and value. Its high-quality construction, comfortable neck profile, and powerful pickups make it a joy to play, while its unique baritone range allows for exploration into new sonic dimensions.

Whether you’re a seasoned baritone player or simply looking to try something new, the PRS SE 277 Baritone is a worthy investment that will undoubtedly inspire your creativity and elevate your playing to new heights.

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