Marshall Origin 20C Review

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Marshall Origin 20C Review

Is the Marshall Origin 20C the Perfect Amp for You? A Comprehensive Review with All the Pros and Cons

All guitar players know that the sound of an amplifier is at the core of their tone. If you’re searching for an amp that combines the best of vintage and modern rock tones, the Marshall Origin 20C might be the one for you. It’s a compact combo that packs a powerful punch, with authentic tube-driven tones that can go from clean to crunch with ease. But is it the right amp for your playing style and needs? Let’s take a closer look at the Marshall Origin 20C and what it has to offer.

Design and Build Quality

The Marshall Origin 20C is a 20-watt all-tube combo amp that features a classic design, with a black vinyl covering and a gold logo on the grille cloth. The construction is solid, with a plywood cabinet that feels sturdy and durable. The amp also has a well-designed control panel, with a simple layout that allows you to dial in your desired tone quickly. On the back, you’ll find an effects loop, a footswitch input, and speaker outputs for different impedances.

Sound and Versatility

The Blackstar HT-1R MKII is famous for its sound quality. The amp produces crisp clean tones and a range of overdrive sounds perfect for rock and metal genres. The patented ISF feature allows you to switch your sound between American and British-sounding, providing you with more versatility. This amp can handle pedal effects and provides an authentic tube sound that guitar players love.

Ease of Use and Portability

One of the best things about the Marshall Origin 20C is its simplicity. You don’t need to be an expert in amp settings to get a good sound. The amp is easy to use, with intuitive controls that allow you to tweak your tone to your liking. It’s also portable, weighing only 13.2 kg, which makes it ideal for small gigs or rehearsals. If you need more power, you can connect an external speaker or use the amp’s speaker output with a different cabinet.

– Classic design and solid construction
– Warm and natural tube-driven tone
– Versatile sound with two channels and tilt control
– Simple and intuitive control panel
– Portable and easy to use

– Limited power (20 watts)
– No built-in reverb or effects
– May not have enough gain for heavy metal or extreme styles
– Footswitch not included (sold separately)


The Marshall Origin 20C is a great amp for guitar players who want a vintage-inspired tone without sacrificing versatility and simplicity. It’s well-designed and well-built, with a warm and natural tube-driven sound that can go from clean to crunch with ease. The amp’s control panel is straightforward, and the tilt control adds an extra layer of customization to your tone. Although it may not have enough power for larger gigs or extreme styles, it’s still an excellent option for small-scale performances or home practice. If you’re looking for a reliable and straightforward amp that can deliver a classic rock tone, the Marshall Origin 20C is definitely worth considering.

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