Ibanez GRGM21 Electric Guitar Review 2023

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Ibanez GRGM21 Electric Guitar Review 2023

Ibanez GRGM21 Electric Guitar Review: A Compact Powerhouse

When it comes to electric guitars, Ibanez has undoubtedly made a name for itself as a leading manufacturer of high-quality instruments. One of their most popular models is the Ibanez GRGM21, a compact and affordable electric guitar that boasts impressive features and performance. In this in-depth review, we’ll take a closer look at the GRGM21, exploring its design, sound quality, playability, and overall value to help you determine if this guitar is the right fit for your needs.

Design and Construction

The Ibanez GRGM21 is part of the brand’s renowned “Mikro” series, specifically designed for those who prefer a smaller-sized guitar without compromising on quality. The guitar’s body is made from solid poplar wood, which is known for its balanced tonal qualities and durability. The GRGM21 is available in various finishes, including black, white, and red, catering to different aesthetic preferences.

The neck of the GRGM21 is crafted from maple, ensuring excellent stability and a smooth playing experience. This guitar features a 22.2-inch scale length, making it significantly shorter than the standard 25.5-inch scale length found on most other electric guitars. As a result, the GRGM21 is an ideal choice for younger players, those with smaller hands, or anyone who simply prefers a more compact instrument.

One of the standout features of the GRGM21 is its fingerboard, made from treated New Zealand pine. This material offers a smooth and comfortable playing surface that is also environmentally friendly. The fingerboard boasts 24 jumbo frets, providing ample room for creative expression and a wide range of playing techniques.

In terms of hardware, the Ibanez GRGM21 comes equipped with two Infinity R humbucker pickups – one at the neck position and one at the bridge position. These pickups are known for their versatility and ability to produce a wide variety of tones, making the GRGM21 suitable for various music genres. Additionally, the guitar features a fixed bridge, die-cast tuners, and a 5-way pickup selector switch, ensuring precise tuning and easy sound customization.

Sound Quality

The Ibanez GRGM21 delivers a powerful and versatile sound that belies its compact size. Thanks to the dual Infinity R humbucker pickups, this guitar can produce a wide range of tones, from warm and clean sounds to more aggressive, distorted tones. The 5-way pickup selector switch allows players to quickly and easily switch between different sound profiles, making the GRGM21 suitable for various playing styles and musical genres.

When played clean, the GRGM21 produces a warm and full-bodied tone that is perfect for jazz, blues, and other mellow styles. With the neck pickup engaged, the guitar offers a rich and smooth sound, while the bridge pickup provides a brighter and more cutting tone. When played with distortion or overdrive, the GRGM21 truly shines, delivering a thick and powerful sound that is ideal for rock, metal, and other heavier genres.

Overall, the Ibanez GRGM21 boasts impressive sound quality for its price range, providing excellent tonal versatility and a satisfying playing experience for guitarists of all skill levels.


One of the most important aspects of any guitar is its playability, and the Ibanez GRGM21 does not disappoint in this regard. The shorter 22.2-inch scale length makes it easier for players with smaller hands to navigate the fretboard, while the 24 jumbo frets provide ample space for a range of playing techniques. The treated New Zealand pine fingerboard offers a smooth and comfortable playing surface, ensuring that players can enjoy hours of practice or performance without discomfort.

The action on the GRGM21 is generally low, making it easier for players to fret notes and play chords with minimal effort. The fixed bridge also contributes to the guitar’s easy playability, as it allows for precise intonation and tuning stability. Additionally, the die-cast tuners make tuning the GRGM21 a breeze, ensuring that the guitar stays in tune even during extended playing sessions.


Considering its affordable price point, the Ibanez GRGM21 offers outstanding value for money. With its solid construction, versatile sound, and excellent playability, this guitar is an ideal choice for beginners looking for a reliable and high-quality instrument to start their musical journey. At the same time, the GRGM21’s compact size and impressive performance make it a suitable option for more experienced players seeking a travel-friendly or backup guitar.


In summary, the Ibanez GRGM21 is a fantastic electric guitar that delivers on all fronts – design, sound quality, playability, and value. Its compact size and shorter scale length make it an excellent option for players with smaller hands or those who prefer a more portable instrument. With its versatile sound and solid construction, the GRGM21 is suitable for a wide range of playing styles and musical genres, making it a great choice for guitarists of all skill levels.

If you’re in the market for an affordable, high-quality electric guitar that offers excellent performance and versatility, the Ibanez GRGM21 should undoubtedly be on your radar.

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