Friedman BE-100 Deluxe Review

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Friedman BE-100 Deluxe Review

The Ins and Outs of the Friedman BE-100 Deluxe Amp: A Comprehensive Review

As a musician, choosing the right amplifier is one of the most critical decisions you’ll ever make. A great amp can instantly enhance the tone of your guitar and give your music the power it needs. If you’re in the market for a new guitar amp, then you’ve probably heard about Friedman’s BE-100 Deluxe. This amp is an improvement from the standard BE-100, and it packs a lot of features and power. In this review, I will give you an in-depth look at the Friedman BE-100 Deluxe’s pros and cons to help you make an informed decision.

Design and Build Quality

The Friedman BE-100 Deluxe looks and feels incredibly sturdy and well-built. It has a sleek and attractive design, making it an excellent addition to any music setup. The amp’s knobs are responsive and provide an ideal amount of resistance to prevent accidental knob turns. The cables and jacks are of high quality, keeping any possible buzzing or humming noises at bay.

Sound Quality

One of the most important aspects of an amp is sound quality. The Friedman BE-100 Deluxe does not disappoint in this regard. It features a beautiful and robust sound that is perfect for rock and metal music. The smooth gain and overdrive are excellent, making it a favorite amongst guitar enthusiasts. You can adjust the EQ controls to your preferences, even producing pure, clean tones. If you’re a guitarist looking for the perfect metal sound with a bit of crunch and distortion, the BE-100 Deluxe is an excellent choice.


While the Friedman BE-100 Deluxe is an excellent amp, it does come with a steep price tag. At its price point, it may not be an option for everyone, especially for those who are just starting out or are on a budget. However, it’s important to consider the quality and versatility of the amp, as well as its build, which can make it worth the investment in the long run.

Let’s start with the good news. Friedman BE-100 Deluxe is a beast of an amplifier that offers many benefits. Firstly, it has a 100-watt power output, perfect for large music venues. It’s a 3-channel amp that comes with two gain controls, allowing you complete freedom to experiment with different combinations. One of the standout features of the BE-100 Deluxe is the noise gate built into the amp, which has been significantly improved upon from its predecessor. The noise gate makes playing with high gain tones enjoyable without the annoying feedback. The amp can handle different genres of music and sounds phenomenal for heavy metal and hard rock music.

Like any other product, the Friedman BE-100 Deluxe also comes with a few downsides. For one, the amp’s price point is quite steep, and it may not be affordable for many musicians starting up. Also, the amp has a short reverb, which is not ideal for guitarists who love long, ringing notes. The BE-100 Deluxe’s switch can sometimes become unresponsive, but this might only affect specific amps. Lastly, the cabinet’s weight is relatively high, making it hard to move around for gigs or jam sessions.


In conclusion, the Friedman BE-100 Deluxe is an excellent amplifier that comes with a few trade-offs. The amp’s power output, noise gate, and build quality make it exceptional for any metal or rock guitarist. The only downsides are the high price tag, short reverb, and heavy cabinet weight. However, if you value sound quality and want an amp that will last you a long time, then the Friedman BE-100 Deluxe is an excellent investment. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned guitarist, this amp is undoubtedly worth looking into.

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