Fender American Special Telecaster Electric Guitar Review 2023

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Fender American Special Telecaster Electric Guitar Review 2023

The Fender American special telecaster is a guitar that I’ve had very high expectations of ever since I first saw it. It’s looks always pulled me in so much to the point where I went out and bought one before actually getting the chance to play it, now after having time with it now, does it stand up?

The guitar has 21 frets all laid down nicely on top of two warps that are made out of maple. The neck is made out of maple as well but feels more like an early Fender neck then anything else. It doesn’t really feel like any kind of strat (or tele) neck but rather something entirely different which isn’t necessarily bad because there is nothing wrong with change especially when changing something for the better. The neck is pretty thin which makes it super easy to shred on, however because of how thin the neck is, you can’t really do much else with it like bending or anything like that (not that you would want to).

The fender american special telecaster has one tone and one volume knob; I personally don’t mind this at all especially since I use quite a few different settings but if you’re someone who only likes having one setting then this might not be for you. It’s set up much like any other strat (or tele) except without the 5th position (middle pickup alone) so it’s made more for people who are looking for only single coil tones instead of double coil tones. The two pickups are American special pickups which sound quite amazing, definitely some of the best stock pickups I’ve ever heard on any guitar.

The guitar also comes with a gig bag and a cable, both of which are absolutely fantastic and something that I would definitely expect from Fender. The gig bag is very high quality and could easily protect the guitar from any type of damage while the cable is just your average cable, nothing too special about it.

All in all, I absolutely love this guitar! It’s everything that I expected it to be and more. If you’re looking for an amazing Stratocaster style guitar with amazing pickups then this is definitely the one for you!

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