EVH Striped Series Red with Black Stripes Electric Guitar Review 2023

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EVH Striped Series Red with Black Stripes Electric Guitar Review 2023

In 1978, Edward Van Halen revolutionised the rock guitar with his Frankenstrat. It was a bold move from one of the most creative and influential guitarists of all time . Over 25 years later, he has introduced a limited edition signature series that is truly unique in design and sound

Edward’s Unique Sound

The basswood body of the EVH Striped Series guitar provides bright resonance while maintaining a full low end , creating incredible tonal versatility. The arched top offers up warm mid-range frequencies, giving this guitar its own distinct voice

Using DiMarzio custom designed humbuckers —Noiseless Single Coil (neck) & FRED (bridge)—Van Halen infused their own style into these pickups to create a sound that’s inimitable. These highly under-rated pickups offer a wide frequency range with an impressive dynamic range, which means they can handle all types of music .

Unequaled Hardware The Floyd Rose tremolo offers incredible tuning stability by locking the strings in place and is the perfect bridge for the EVH D-Tuna that allows you to quickly drop your guitar from standard tuning to down tuning with just a flick of a switch. In addition, you have complete control over individual string tuning—making this one of the most versatile guitars ever made.

Comfortable Feel & Amazing Look The comfort cut neck joint provides smooth access to higher frets while making chording effortless throughout entire fretboard . You will also appreciate the eye-catching striped design which is inspired by Eddie’s own guitar.

If you’re looking for an amazing sounding, highly versatile and unique guitar, the EVH Striped Series is definitely worth checking out. With its comfortable feel and stunning look, this guitar will not disappoint.

Check out the video below to hear the EVH Striped Series in action!

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