EpiPhone Prophecy Flying V Electric Guitar Review 2023

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EpiPhone Prophecy Flying V Electric Guitar Review 2023

Epiphone Prophecy Flying V Electric Guitar: An In-Depth Review

The Epiphone Prophecy Flying V is a bold, striking, and versatile instrument that has been turning heads since its release. This high-performance electric guitar combines the iconic Flying V design with modern features, making it a perfect choice for both traditional and contemporary players. In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the specs, features, and performance of this standout guitar to help you decide if it is the right fit for your playing style and needs.

Design and Build Quality

The Prophecy Flying V boasts a mahogany body and neck, which contributes to its warm and resonant tone. Aesthetically, the guitar sports a sleek and eye-catching design with a Gloss finish, available in two color options – Black Aged Gloss and Yellow Tiger Aged Gloss. The unique finish choices give the guitar a distinctive vintage vibe.

The neck features a 24-fret ebony fingerboard with jumbo frets, making it comfortable to play and easy to navigate across the entire fretboard. The guitar’s SlimTaper neck profile provides an ergonomic feel, allowing for fast and effortless playing. Additionally, the neck is set into the body, enhancing sustain and resonance.

The Flying V’s headstock is adorned with a custom “Prophecy” logo and Grover Rotomatic locking tuners, ensuring excellent tuning stability. The hardware is finished in brushed nickel, adding a touch of class to the guitar’s overall appearance.

Electronics and Sound

The Prophecy Flying V comes equipped with Fishman Fluence pickups, which are highly regarded for their versatility and ability to deliver a wide range of tones. The guitar features a Fluence Modern humbucker in the bridge position and a Fluence Modern humbucker in the neck position. These pickups offer two distinct voicings, providing an array of tonal options for players.

The first voicing delivers a crisp, articulate, and well-balanced tone that works well for a variety of musical styles. The second voicing provides a more aggressive and powerful sound, making it perfect for hard rock and metal genres. The pickups can be easily switched between these two voicings using the push-pull volume and tone controls.

To further expand the tonal possibilities, the guitar features separate volume controls for each pickup and a master tone control. The three-way selector switch allows players to choose between the bridge, neck, or both pickups simultaneously.


The Prophecy Flying V offers exceptional playability, thanks to its comfortable neck profile and well-distributed weight. The guitar’s balance is impressive, ensuring that it sits comfortably on the player’s lap or hangs evenly from a strap. This makes it suitable for long practice sessions or gigs without causing fatigue.

The jumbo frets and flat 14″ fingerboard radius make it easy to play fast runs and intricate solos, while the smooth ebony fingerboard provides a slick surface for effortless playing. The set-neck construction ensures excellent sustain and resonance, which adds depth and character to the guitar’s tone.


The Prophecy Flying V truly shines in its performance capabilities. The Fishman Fluence pickups deliver an impressive range of tones, catering to various musical styles and genres. From clean, chimey sounds to heavy, high-gain tones, this guitar can handle it all with ease.

The push-pull volume and tone controls allow for quick and easy switching between voicings, making it simple to adapt to different playing situations. The Grover Rotomatic locking tuners ensure excellent tuning stability, even during aggressive playing and frequent string bends.

Pros and Cons


  • Striking design and high-quality build
  • Versatile and powerful Fishman Fluence pickups
  • Comfortable, fast-playing neck
  • Excellent tuning stability with locking tuners
  • Available in two unique finishes


  • Some players may find the Flying V shape challenging to play while sitting down
  • The guitar’s bold design may not appeal to everyone
Final Thoughts

The Epiphone Prophecy Flying V is an outstanding electric guitar that offers a perfect blend of classic design and modern features. Its powerful Fishman Fluence pickups, comfortable neck profile, and excellent build quality make it an attractive option for players who want a versatile instrument that can handle various musical styles.

While the guitar’s distinctive shape and design may not be for everyone, those who appreciate the iconic Flying V will undoubtedly find this guitar to be an exceptional choice. Its combination of performance, playability, and style makes the Epiphone Prophecy Flying V a standout addition to any guitarist’s collection.

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