Best Intermediate Guitar Lessons Online

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Top Best Intermediate Guitar Lessons Online

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, an intermediate guitarist or a professional musician, you can always improve your skills and work on your playing technique. Now there is just an incredible amount of various online resources that open up new opportunities for us to learn. This is why online guitar lessons are becoming so popular – they allow you to study from home at any time that suits you.

If you are already familiar with the guitar and know the basics, you are most likely looking for the right online guitar lessons for intermediate players. At the moment, there are a huge number of different high-quality platforms, each of which offers a unique set of features, video tutorials and other resources to help you master this musical instrument. If you do not know which online guitar lessons intermediate you should choose, then below we will answer the most popular questions and offer you our top best resources for learning to play the guitar.

Why Online Intermediate Guitar Lessons Is The Best Way To Learn Guitar In 2023?

Now on the Internet there are a huge number of queries such as best online guitar intermediate level lessons and intermediate acoustic guitar lessons online. However, why are online lessons so popular and considered the best way to learn guitar these days? Let’s figure it out.

  • Availability. No matter which course, resource, or platform you choose, you can access learning easily and conveniently from your laptop, phone, or tablet. So you don’t even have to leave your house to practice guitar.
  • Saving time. Of course, it should be noted that by choosing online courses, you no longer have to spend time on the road and you can fully devote yourself to practice. Also, you can study at any time of the day or night that is convenient for you, which is very convenient if you live in a different time zone or prefer to study late at night.
  • Diversity. In recent years, the online course market is teeming with a huge number of different options. So you can look at different options and choose the one that suits you best. While the choice of teachers in your city may be limited, with the help of online resources you can choose the one you like.

Thus, at the moment guitar lessons online for intermediate players is the easiest, fastest and most convenient way to learn how to play the guitar in the shortest possible time. What’s more, most of the resources will also offer you additional materials, master classes, song breakdowns and more, which will be very useful for intermediate guitarists.

Can I Find Free Intermediate Guitar Lessons Online?

If your budget is limited but you still dream of improving your guitar playing skills, you are most likely looking for free online intermediate guitar lessons. In fact, you will be pleasantly surprised when you learn that all the resources on our list have a free trial that will help you understand if this or that platform is right for you or not. However, of course, after the trial period has expired, you will need to pay in order to access the full amount of quality and structured information.

However, in the event that at the moment you cannot afford to purchase an online course and are looking for exactly guitar lessons online free intermediate, we recommend that you pay attention to “This is classical guitar”. This resource will offer you a large number of different video lessons so that you can practice and improve your skills. However, remember that in order to make progress in the shortest possible time, we still recommend that you purchase one of the guitar lessons online intermediate listed below and gain knowledge from professionals in your field.

Top Best Intermediate Guitar Lessons Online

Here are our top picks:

Best Intermediate Guitar Lessons Online

1) JamPlay

If you’ve Googled acoustic guitar lessons: intermediate online courses, you’ve probably come across a platform like JamPlay that’s been on the online course market since 2006. They’ve built a reputation for offering some of the best online guitar learning video courses you can find.

JamPlay is the highest quality resource in terms of the depth of knowledge they offer. So far, their website offers over 10,000 video tutorials and over 450 courses. Thus, you can easily choose the one that suits your desires, needs and level.

It should also be noted that on JamPlay you can find video lessons for almost any style of music. Since this resource offers over 130 instructors, you can be sure that you will find the right one for you. Speaking of musical genre, you will also be impressed by the huge slate that includes rock, funk, pop, folk, blues, celtic, country, classical, flamenco, fingerstyle and more.

If you are an intermediate player who wants to learn certain skills and techniques, then JamPlay is also ideal for you, as it offers lead guitar, speed, rhythm guitar, 12-string guitar, maintenance, recording, music theory and more. So, if you are looking for free online guitar lessons intermediate, JamPlay is the place to go as the site can really help intermediate musicians to improve their skills to the advanced level.

Best Intermediate Guitar Lessons Online


The last resource we would like to talk about, which will offer you everything you ever wanted to know about guitar, is TrueFire. It has been on the online lesson market since 1998 and has a reputation for being the best deep video guitar lessons. No matter what level you are, TrueFire undoubtedly has lessons to improve your skills and take you to the next level.

This resource offers you video lessons that have many interesting features, such as the ability to change the speed of the video, enable looping, often has a ritual fretboard showing the notes being played, a metronome and much more. Moreover, it should be noted that you can also download the supplemental material as well as the lessons themselves. Thus, you can practice even if your computer, tablet or phone does not have access to the Internet.

In terms of content, TrueFire has over 50,000 lessons and 280 instructors to help you improve your intermediate skills. Moreover, this resource works in such a way that it gives you the opportunity to choose what exactly you want to study. You will also be offered recommended courses in order to take you from the intermediate level to the advanced level.

TrueFire is a great solution as it has lessons for almost every genre, skill and technique you want to master. Also, if you don’t want to buy a monthly subscription, TrueFire will give you the option to buy specific courses.

Moreover, you will get lifetime access to this course and will be able to practice even after a year. However, you should note that the number of courses on offer can be overwhelming for an intermediate player who has no idea what they want to learn. However, if you’re a musician looking to expand your knowledge or hone specific techniques, there’s nothing better than TrueFire for you.

Best Intermediate Guitar Lessons Online

3) GuitarTricks

Guitar Tricks is currently one of the best online guitar learning resources. Its popularity has increased in recent years as it offers a huge variety of video tutorials not only for intermediate players, but also for beginners and advanced players. First of all, we would like to mention that Guitar Tricks has an excellent fundamental course that is designed for absolute beginners. However, while it is great for beginners, it can also help intermediate players who have gaps in their knowledge.

After you watch the beginner course, Guitar Tricks will offer you a course specially designed for intermediate players that has 4 different pathways to choose from (each has 4 courses) – rock, blues acoustic and country. This resource teaches you how to play the guitar through high resolution video lessons recorded with multiple cameras from different angles. Also you models from hedgehog speed and customize the video to suit your preferences and needs.

With Guitar Tricks you will have access to 1000 different lessons taught by 35 different instructors. Each of them has its own special exercises that you can use to improve the quality of the game. Apart from this, Guitar Tricks also teaches specific genres of music such as metal, jazz, classical music, funk, bluegrass and others. Also, if you’ve been looking for free online guitar lessons for intermediate players, then you should know that GuitarTricks offer a free trial period so I can try the platform and decide if it’s right for you.

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