Yamaha FG800 Acoustic Guitar Review 2023

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Yamaha FG800 Acoustic Guitar Review 2023

The sound of the FG800 is rather deep and warm with clear but not too bright highs. It is not overly bassy nor thin sounding, just very balanced which I find perfect for that classic guitar experience without being too bold in any way.

One thing to mention is that it comes with rather long strings so if you have small hands you might need to get used to them first, but after a while, they feel comfortable even for people who are used to playing on short scale guitars. Although they are made out of nato wood they are actually still pretty lightweight so nobody will really notice much difference when strumming along (at least that has been my experience). And because of its shape and size, it feels like holding an actual acoustic guitar so even people who play electric guitars most of the time will feel comfortable with it.

Of course you can also use this guitar for playing more upbeat songs but I’d expect that from any acoustic guitar including higher priced models, just pick harder and it will sound nice. At least that was my experience testing it out briefly in a music store. I wouldn’t buy an FG800 if I really wanted to play something specific though, but if your budget is limited then why not choose one of these instead? For all other purposes they are perfect. Just make sure to always keep them in good condition by cleaning the body after playing (wood loves moisture) or take it to a professional once in a while for some proper maintenance which only takes about 10 minutes per guitar.

The only real downside in my opinion is that they don’t come with built-in tuners like more expensive guitars but you can buy a clip on tuner for less than 5 euros if you want (like the one in the video). So when you consider this and also their very affordable price, there’s hardly anything bad to say about them!

Over the years people have told me what a good choice I made buying these guitars instead of some cheap Chinese copy or whatever, so I hope someday you might find this Yamaha FG800 review helpful too 😉

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