UkeSA PAUS-CL Long Neck Concert Ukulele Review 2024

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UkeSA PAUS-CL Long Neck Concert Ukulele Review 2024

UkeSA PAUS-CL Long Neck Concert Ukulele: A Melodious Blend of Tradition and Innovation

The UkeSA PAUS-CL Long Neck Concert Ukulele has garnered attention within the ukulele community for its distinctive characteristics and superior build quality. Known for its beautiful acacia wood construction and creative design by Master Luthier Alvin “Pops KoAloha” Okami, this instrument brings a new level of craftsmanship to the forefront of stringed instruments.

Heritage of UkeSA and the Mastery of “Pops KoAloha”

UkeSA represents a legacy of ukulele creation pioneered by Alvin “Pops KoAloha” Okami, whose renowned work in the industry has been synonymous with excellence and innovation. The brand UkeSA is a testament to his passion for ukulele design, infusing traditional craftsmanship with modern aesthetics and playability.

The Significance of Acacia Wood

Acacia wood is celebrated for its visually stunning grain patterns and its capacity to produce warm, resonant tones. The PAUS-CL model features solid acacia on the top, back, and sides, which not only contributes to its sonic appeal but also presents an elegantly natural look that is both timeless and striking.

Design Excellence of the PAUS-CL

Concert Body Meets Tenor Neck

The UkeSA PAUS-CL boasts a concert-sized body paired with a tenor-length neck, a marriage that offers the player the comfortable handling of a concert uke while extending the range typically found on a tenor ukulele. This 20-fret straight-cut fretboard, joined at the 15th fret, allows for a broader spectrum of notes, making it an ideal choice for both chordal accompaniment and melodic playing.

Embellishments and Finishing Touches

Attention to detail is evident in the embossed double-hole design of the soundhole and the overall finishing of the instrument. These decorative elements are not just aesthetically pleasing but are indicative of the thoughtfulness put into the entire design process, resulting in a ukulele that stands out both visually and acoustically.

Sound Quality and Playability

Harmonic Richness

The UkeSA PAUS-CL Long Neck Concert Ukulele delivers a rich tonal palette that is both warm and articulate. Its construction allows for a balance between the depth of low frequencies and the clarity of the highs, resulting in a well-rounded sound profile that can accommodate a variety of musical genres.

Ease of Play

With the extended fretboard, players have more space to navigate complex chord shapes and runs. The smoothness of the fret edges and the consistency of the action make the playing experience enjoyable for both beginners and advanced musicians. The increased tension and spacing provided by the tenor neck contribute to precise intonation throughout the fretboard.

Durability and Craftsmanship

Constructed with longevity in mind, the UkeSA PAUS-CL is built to endure the rigors of both frequent play and environmental changes. The quality of the wood and the excellence of the build suggest that with proper care, this instrument will not only maintain its structural integrity but will also age gracefully, potentially enhancing its sound over time.

The PAUS-CL in Comparison

When assessing the UkeSA PAUS-CL against other models, one may consider the standard concert ukuleles for their familiar tone and playability. Alternatively, models like the Pineapple Sunday Tenor Ukulele by KoAloha offer a different shape and thus a unique sound character. It’s also useful to compare it to long neck soprano ukuleles, which provide the same extended range in a more compact body. However, the PAUS-CL stands out for its balanced combination of concert-bodied resonance and tenor scale playability.

Final Verdict

The UkeSA PAUS-CL Long Neck Concert Ukulele is a remarkable instrument that embodies the spirit of traditional ukulele design while embracing modern luthiery innovations. Its beautiful acacia construction, extended range, and ease of play make it a top contender for those seeking a high-quality ukulele with a unique edge. Whether strumming through a Hawaiian melody or exploring intricate fingerstyle arrangements, the PAUS-CL is a faithful and inspiring musical companion.

Its presence in the market, especially as one of the last available from its series, makes it a coveted item for enthusiasts and collectors alike. With its exceptional sound quality, stunning aesthetics, and comfortable playability, the UkeSA PAUS-CL Long Neck Concert Ukulele is indeed a masterpiece that stands as a testament to the enduring art of ukulele craftsmanship.

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