Supro 1968RK Keeley Review

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Supro 1968RK Keeley Review

Unleashing the Bluesy Swagger of Supro 1968RK Keeley: A Comprehensive Review

Music soothes the soul and ignites a fire in one’s heart, and for guitar players, purchasing their dream amplifier is like finding the Holy Grail. Supro 1968RK Keeley is a name that is making the rounds in the music fraternity. Designed by the famous pedal guru Robert Keeley, this amp exhibits an exquisite blend of retro aesthetics and modern technology. As musicians continue to demand more versatility and convenience, it is worth knowing the pros and cons of this amp. In this comprehensive review, we aim to detail out everything about this amp.

Design and Features

The Supro 1968RK Keeley stands out from most amps due to its retro design-featuring a two-tone gold and blue enclosure and an old-school logo. This amp resembles the iconic Supro Thunderbolt but packs more power. The vintage-inspired aesthetic might not suit everyone’s taste, but it highlights the amp’s unique character. The amp’s control panel features six chrome switches and three silver-knobbed pots that makes it look pretty cool.

The features of the Supro 1968RK Keeley make it a force to reckon with. The amp features a 12-inch Eminence CV75 speaker and two 6973 power tubes that generate a whopping 25 watts. The amp also features a switchable power section that crashes the wattage down to just 5 watts. In addition, there is a standby switch and a power switch where the 5-watt setting comes in handy during recording. Compared to other guitars in its range, the Supro 1968RK Keeley is a compact amp that can fit easily into small jam spaces.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of the Supro 1968RK Keeley is impeccable, producing a modern touch to the bluesy swagger electric guitar players love. This vintage-inspired amp sounds buttery and saturated, and the way individual notes project is like no other. The amp’s three-band EQ comprises treble, mid and bass controls that allow users to adjust the sound quality to their preference. The amp also comes with Robert Keeley’s signature baked-in fuzz effect pedal that is vivid, punchy, and accentuates the grittiness of the amp.

The Supro 1968RK Keeley packs a punch when it comes to delivering an authentic and luxurious vintage-inspired sound. The amp is small and lightweight, making it easy to transport. It has a unique design and controls that set it apart from other amps. This amp stand out due to its versatility, ease of use, and producing top-quality sounds.

Cost is the primary drawback of the Supro 1968RK Keeley. The vintage-inspired aesthetic might put off those who prefer a more modern-looking amplifier. The amplifier’s retro design and sound quality might not suit all music genres, but it is an excellent choice for blues, rockabilly, and even country music.


The Supro 1968RK Keeley is an excellent choice for musicians looking for an amp that can deliver top-notch sound while keeping things simple. This amp’s vintage-inspired design and controls might not be for everyone, but it packs a punch in producing bluesy swagger sounds that guitar players love to hear. As with most vintage-inspired amps, this amp comes at a premium cost. However, it is hard to argue with the quality of the Supro 1968RK Keeley’s sound and build. Whether you are a musician looking to gigs or recording, the Supro 1968RK Keeley is an excellent choice.

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