Strymon Lex Pedal Review 2023

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Strymon Lex Pedal Review 2023

Strymon Lex: Captivating the Essence of Rotary Speaker Tone


The Strymon Lex pedal is a powerful and versatile rotary speaker simulator that captures the essence and magic of the iconic Leslie speaker cabinets. Known for their lush, swirling, and three-dimensional sound, rotary speakers have become synonymous with vintage organ and guitar tones. With its meticulous attention to detail, authentic replication, and modern digital technology, the Strymon Lex pedal brings the captivating sound of rotary speakers within reach of musicians everywhere. In this article, we will explore the features, sound quality, versatility, user experience, and history behind the Strymon Lex, revealing why it has become a go-to choice for musicians seeking to infuse their sound with the magic of a rotating speaker.

Embrace the Swirling Sonic Landscape: The Strymon Lex

The Strymon Lex pedal is designed to emulate the unique sound and characteristics of the Leslie speaker cabinets, which were originally developed in the 1940s. The Leslie speaker revolutionized the world of music by providing a dynamic and immersive sound that brings instruments to life with its swirling motion and spatial depth. The Lex pedal captures the very essence of this legendary gear, delivering an authentic rotary speaker experience in a compact and pedalboard-friendly format.

Features and Controls

The Strymon Lex pedal offers a comprehensive range of controls and features that allow musicians to shape and customize their rotary speaker sound. The pedal provides two independent channels, allowing for the simulation of both the upper rotor (horn) and lower rotor (drum) of a traditional rotary speaker system. This separation enables precise control over the speed and intensity of each rotor, providing a rich and realistic stereo field.

The Lex pedal features various control knobs, including Speed, Acceleration, Drive, Mix, and Balance, which allow for fine-tuning of the rotary speaker effect. The Speed knob adjusts the rotation speed of the virtual rotors, while the Acceleration knob determines how quickly the rotors reach the desired speed. The Drive knob adds a touch of grit and overdrive to replicate the warm and saturated sound of vintage rotary speakers. The Mix knob controls the blend between the dry and wet signals, while the Balance knob adjusts the volume balance between the upper and lower rotors.

Sound Quality and Versatility

The sound quality of the Strymon Lex is truly outstanding, thanks to its advanced digital processing technology and meticulous attention to detail. The pedal manages to capture the subtle nuances and complexities of rotary speakers, delivering a convincing and immersive sound that rivals the real thing. From gentle and swirling textures to fast and intense rotary speeds, the Lex pedal covers a wide range of tonal possibilities, allowing musicians to recreate vintage organ sounds, lush guitar effects, and more.

The Lex pedal is not limited to emulating traditional rotary speaker tones alone. With its versatile controls and comprehensive parameter adjustments, it offers the flexibility to create unique and experimental effects. Whether you’re looking for a subtle rotary shimmer, a pulsating tremolo-like effect, or a swirling soundscape that pushes the boundaries of traditional rotary speaker sounds, the Lex pedal has the versatility to inspire and elevate your creativity.

User Experience

The Strymon Lex is designed with user experience in mind. Its robust construction ensures durability, making it suitable for both studio use and live performances. The pedal features easy-to-use control knobs, LED indicators, and a clear and intuitive interface, allowing for effortless adjustments and seamless integration into any pedalboard setup.

The Lex pedal also offers additional features aimed at enhancing the user experience. It includes a stereo output, allowing for a captivating and immersive stereo image. The pedal can be used in mono as well, ensuring compatibility with any setup. Additionally, the Lex pedal provides options for expression control and MIDI connectivity, giving musicians even greater control over their rotary speaker sound.

The Legacy of Strymon

Strymon has established itself as a leading brand in the world of guitar effects pedals, renowned for its innovation, sound quality, and dedication to craftsmanship. The Lex pedal is a testament to Strymon’s commitment to providing musicians with tools that capture the essence of iconic gear while incorporating modern technology. With its attention to detail and dedication to sonic excellence, Strymon has earned the trust and admiration of musicians around the world.


The Strymon Lex pedal is a remarkable simulation of the classic rotary speaker sound, offering musicians the ability to infuse their music with the captivating and immersive tones of the iconic Leslie speaker cabinets. With its meticulous attention to detail, authentic replication, versatile controls, and exceptional sound quality, the Lex pedal opens up a world of creative possibilities.

Whether you’re looking to recreate the vintage organ sounds of the 60s, add depth and dimension to your guitar tone, or explore new sonic territories, the Strymon Lex delivers the swirling magic of a rotating speaker with precision and authenticity. Elevate your sound, transport your audience, and experience the captivating

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