Strymon BigSky Pedal Review 2023

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Strymon BigSky Pedal Review 2023

Expansive Ambience with the Strymon BigSky Pedal


When it comes to creating vast and immersive ambient soundscapes, few pedals can match the sonic capabilities and versatility of the Strymon BigSky. As a flagship reverb pedal from Strymon, the BigSky offers an expansive range of studio-quality reverbs that can transport your guitar tone to ethereal dimensions. In this article, we will explore the features, sound quality, versatility, user experience, and history behind the Strymon BigSky Pedal, revealing why it has become a go-to choice for musicians seeking unparalleled ambient effects.

Unleash Sonic Landscapes: The Strymon BigSky Pedal

The Strymon BigSky Pedal is renowned for its ability to deliver lush and immersive reverbs that add depth, texture, and atmosphere to your playing. With twelve different reverb algorithms, the BigSky covers a vast sonic territory, ranging from classic spring and plate reverbs to shimmering ethereal soundscapes. It provides a boundless palette of ambient tones that can take your music to new heights.

Features and Controls

The Strymon BigSky Pedal offers a comprehensive range of features and controls that enable you to sculpt your ideal reverb sound. With three parameter knobs (Size, Decay, and Mix) and four additional knobs (Pre-Delay, High Frequency Damping, Low Frequency Damping, and Modulation), the pedal allows for precise adjustments to shape your desired reverb effect. It also offers stereo inputs and outputs, MIDI connectivity, and the option to save and recall presets, allowing for seamless integration into any setup.

Sound Quality and Versatility

The sound quality of the Strymon BigSky Pedal is nothing short of exceptional. Each reverb algorithm is meticulously crafted to provide a rich, immersive, and realistic representation of various acoustic spaces. Whether you’re seeking the warmth of a vintage spring reverb, the shimmering trails of a hall reverb, or the otherworldly textures of a cloud reverb, the BigSky delivers with stunning clarity and depth.

The versatility of the BigSky is evident in its wide range of reverb algorithms. From classic emulations to innovative designs, each algorithm offers unique sonic possibilities. The pedal’s versatility allows for experimentation across a multitude of musical genres and styles. Whether you’re playing ambient, shoegaze, post-rock, or even adding subtle texture to other genres, the BigSky has the ability to elevate your music to new dimensions.

User Experience

The Strymon BigSky Pedal is designed with user experience in mind. Its intuitive interface allows for quick and straightforward adjustments, making it accessible for both novice and experienced users. The large and easy-to-read display provides visual feedback, ensuring that you can easily navigate through the various settings and parameters. The pedal’s robust build quality ensures durability, making it suitable for both studio use and demanding live performances.

Another user-friendly aspect of the BigSky is its ability to save and recall presets. This feature allows you to store and access your favorite reverb settings, making it easier to switch between different sounds during live performances or creative sessions. The pedal also offers MIDI connectivity, enabling seamless integration with MIDI controllers and automation systems.

The Strymon Legacy

Strymon has gained a well-deserved reputation for crafting high-quality effects pedals that push the boundaries of sound. Their dedication to sonic excellence and meticulous attention to detail has made them a trusted name among musicians. The BigSky Pedal stands as a testament to Strymon’s commitment to providing musicians with innovative tools that inspire creativity.


The Strymon BigSky Pedal unlocks the potential for expansive and immersive ambience, allowing guitarists and musicians to create sonic landscapes that captivate listeners. With its versatile range of reverb algorithms, intuitive controls, and exceptional sound quality, the BigSky has become a staple for those seeking to push the boundaries of sonic exploration.

If you’re ready to embark on a journey into boundless ambient soundscapes and add a new dimension to your music, consider adding the Strymon BigSky Pedal to your effects arsenal. Let the BigSky transport you to ethereal realms, where lush reverbs and immersive textures await your creative touch. Elevate your music with the Strymon BigSky Pedal and unlock the potential for sonic transcendence.

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