Oscar Schmidt 4 String 3/4 Bass Guitar Review 2023

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Oscar Schmidt 4 String 3/4 Bass Guitar Review 2023

Title: Oscar Schmidt 4 String OB25-B 3/4 Size Bass Review: A Compact Yet Powerful Instrument for Budding Bassists


The Oscar Schmidt 4 String OB25-B 3/4 Size Bass is a compact, well-built bass guitar designed for players who are just starting their musical journey or those looking for a more portable option without sacrificing quality. In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the features, build quality, sound, and playability of this popular instrument to help you determine if it’s the right choice for your needs.


The Oscar Schmidt OB25-B is a 3/4 size bass guitar, making it smaller than the standard full-size bass. This can be an advantage for younger players or those with smaller hands, as it allows for easier reach and reduces the strain on the fingers while playing. It is also a great option for traveling musicians or those who want a more portable instrument for practice sessions.

This bass comes with a 30-inch scale length, which contributes to its compact size and comfortable playability. The shorter scale length also provides a slightly tighter string tension, resulting in a punchier and more focused sound.

The OB25-B features a bolt-on maple neck with a comfortable C-shaped profile and a rosewood fingerboard with 22 medium jumbo frets. The neck is smooth and easy to play, ensuring a pleasant experience for beginners and experienced players alike. The rosewood fingerboard adds warmth and depth to the overall tone of the instrument.

The body of the bass is made from high-quality basswood, which is known for its balanced tonal characteristics and lightweight properties. The bass is available in two attractive finishes – black and tobacco sunburst, both of which are complemented by chrome hardware and a white pickguard for a classic, timeless look.

In terms of electronics, the Oscar Schmidt OB25-B is equipped with a single passive P-style pickup. This type of pickup is known for its versatility and ability to deliver a wide range of tones, from deep and warm to bright and punchy. The bass also features standard volume and tone controls, allowing you to shape your sound to suit your playing style and preferences.

Build Quality

The Oscar Schmidt OB25-B is well-constructed and built to withstand the rigors of daily use and practice sessions. The basswood body is sturdy and lightweight, making it comfortable to hold and play for extended periods. The bolt-on maple neck adds stability and strength to the instrument, ensuring that it stays in tune and maintains its intonation over time.

The hardware on the OB25-B is reliable and of good quality. The chrome tuners are smooth and precise, making tuning easy and stable. The bridge is adjustable, which allows you to set your preferred action and intonation for optimal playability and tone. The input jack and control knobs are solid and secure, ensuring a strong connection and reliable performance.


Despite its smaller size and affordable price point, the Oscar Schmidt OB25-B delivers an impressive sound that can hold its own against more expensive and larger instruments. The single passive P-style pickup provides a versatile tonal palette, capable of producing a wide variety of sounds to suit different genres and playing styles.

The basswood body and rosewood fingerboard contribute to the warm, balanced tone of the instrument, while the shorter scale length adds tightness and focus to the sound. The OB25-B has a surprisingly powerful low-end response, as well as a clear and articulate midrange. The highs are present but never harsh, giving the bass a well-rounded and pleasing overall tone.


One of the key selling points of the Oscar Schmidt OB25-B is its playability. The compact size and 30-inch scale length make it an ideal choice for beginners or players with smaller hands, as it reduces finger strain and allows for easier reach across the fretboard. The C-shaped neck profile is comfortable to hold and play, ensuring that you can practice for extended periods without fatigue.

The action on the OB25-B is smooth and easy to adjust, allowing you to set your preferred playing height for optimal comfort and performance. The medium jumbo frets are well-dressed and evenly spaced, ensuring accurate intonation and a pleasant playing experience.


In summary, the Oscar Schmidt 4 String OB25-B 3/4 Size Bass is an excellent option for beginners or players looking for a compact, portable instrument without compromising on quality. With its solid build, versatile sound, and comfortable playability, this bass offers great value for its price point and is sure to become a favorite among budding bassists and seasoned players alike.

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