Ohana TK-35 Solid Mahogany Ukulele Review 2024

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Ohana TK-35 Solid Mahogany Ukulele Review 2024

A Comprehensive Review of the Ohana TK-35 Solid Mahogany Ukulele

The Ohana TK-35 Solid Mahogany Tenor Ukulele is a well-crafted instrument known for its rich, resonant sound. This article provides an in-depth review of this remarkable ukulele.

Introduction to the Ohana TK-35 Solid Mahogany Ukulele

The Ohana TK-35 is a tenor-sized ukulele built entirely from solid mahogany. It’s part of Ohana’s 35 Series, which features classic ukulele builds that produce deep, rich tones. The TK-35 is not only aesthetically pleasing but also delivers superior sound quality.

Design and Build Quality

The Ohana TK-35 boasts an all-solid mahogany body with wood binding, giving it a classy look. The satin finish enhances the warm natural character of the wood. Its construction ensures durability, indicating that it’s a ukulele designed to last. The design details, including the contrasting wood binding, give the ukulele an elegant and timeless appearance.

Sound Quality

When it comes to sound quality, the Ohana TK-35 shines. Mahogany is known for its warm, rich, mellow, and full tone, and this ukulele is no exception. Users have highlighted the instrument’s excellent projection and wonderful rich tone. Despite its relatively compact size, the Ohana TK-35 produces a robust sound that impresses both beginners and professional musicians.


The playability of the Ohana TK-35 has been praised by users. Its light construction makes it easy to handle and comfortable to play, even for extended periods. The fretboard is reportedly smooth and responsive, adding to the overall playing experience. Whether you’re strumming or fingerpicking, the Ohana TK-35 responds beautifully.


There are variations of the Ohana TK-35 that cater to different needs. The TK-35G-5, for instance, is a 5-string tenor ukulele. It’s paired with low and high G strings and includes a 3-band EQ for plugging in, making it ideal for performers who need more sound control. The gloss finish on this model further enhances the wood’s natural beauty.

User Reviews

The Ohana TK-35 has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from users. Many appreciate its sound quality and build, stating that it offers great value for its price point. Users have also lauded the instrument’s rich, resonant sound and exceptional durability. Some have compared it favorably to other brands like Lanikai and Pono, indicating its high standing among ukulele enthusiasts.


In conclusion, the Ohana TK-35 Solid Mahogany Tenor Ukulele is a high-quality instrument that delivers on both aesthetics and performance. Its all-solid mahogany construction gives it a warm, rich tone that will appeal to ukulele players of all levels. The satin finish and wood binding add a touch of class to its appearance, while its light construction ensures comfortable playability. Whether you’re a beginner looking for a step up from your first instrument or a professional seeking a reliable addition to your collection, the Ohana TK-35 is a solid choice. As always, the aim of playing the ukulele is not just to produce sound but to capture the soul of the music, and this instrument does just that.

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