MXR Phase 90 Pedal Review 2023

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MXR Phase 90 Pedal Review 2023

Dive into Sonic Waves with the MXR Phase 90 Pedal


In the world of guitar effects, few pedals have achieved the iconic status of the MXR Phase 90. Since its introduction in the 1970s, the Phase 90 has been a staple on countless pedalboards, loved for its ability to produce mesmerizing swirling phase tones. In this article, we will dive into the history, features, sound quality, versatility, and user experience of the MXR Phase 90, unraveling why it remains one of the most revered pedals in the realm of modulation effects.

A Timeless Classic: The MXR Phase 90

The MXR Phase 90 was introduced in 1974 and became an instant hit among guitarists searching for new sonic possibilities. Designed to replicate the smooth, liquid-like phasing effect created by vintage studio tape machines, the Phase 90 quickly found its way into the hands of legendary players who helped define its sound in iconic recordings.

Features and Controls

The simplicity of the MXR Phase 90 is one of its defining characteristics. With a single knob labeled “Speed,” the pedal allows users to control the rate of the phase effect. Turning the knob clockwise increases the speed, resulting in faster and more pronounced phasing. The Phase 90 does not offer additional controls, keeping the design streamlined and user-friendly.

Sound Quality and Versatility

What sets the MXR Phase 90 apart is its signature sound quality. The pedal produces a shimmering, swirling effect that adds depth and movement to guitar tones. The Phase 90 seamlessly transitions between subtle sweeps and intense swirling, providing a versatile range of phasing textures.

The MXR Phase 90 is renowned for its organic and warm sound, which preserves the natural character of the instrument and amplifies the harmonic richness. Whether you’re looking to add a touch of modulation to clean chords, enhance arpeggios, or create psychedelic soundscapes, the Phase 90 delivers in spades.

User Experience

The MXR Phase 90 is known for its rugged construction, making it a durable companion for both stage and studio use. The compact size of the pedal allows for easy placement on any pedalboard, and its intuitive design ensures hassle-free operation during live performances.

One of the standout features of the Phase 90 is its ability to blend seamlessly with other pedals. Whether used in conjunction with overdrive, delay, or reverb, the Phase 90 integrates effortlessly into any effects chain, adding a layer of depth and dimension to your sound.

Evolving with the Times: Variations of the Phase 90

Over the years, MXR has released several variations of the Phase 90 to cater to different players’ needs. These include versions with script logos, block logos, and even limited-edition models. Each variation offers subtle differences in tonal characteristics and aesthetics while retaining the core essence of the iconic Phase 90 sound.


The MXR Phase 90 is an undisputed legend in the realm of guitar effects. Its rich history, distinctive sound quality, and user-friendly design have made it a go-to pedal for musicians across genres. Whether you’re a fan of classic rock, psychedelic jams, or experimental sounds, the Phase 90’s mesmerizing phase effect will take your playing to new heights.

So, if you’re ready to immerse yourself in a world of swirling sonic waves, the MXR Phase 90 is a must-have addition to your pedalboard. With its timeless sound and dependable performance, this pedal will unlock new realms of creativity and inspire you to explore uncharted musical territories. Get ready to experience the magic of the MXR Phase 90 and embark on a sonic journey like no other.

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