Kmise Banjolele (Concert Size) Review

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Kmise Banjolele (Concert Size) Review

Kmise Banjolele (Concert Size): A Comprehensive Review

The Kmise Banjolele, a fusion of the banjo and ukulele, is a unique instrument that offers a distinct sound and playing experience. This review will delve into the various aspects of this concert-sized banjolele, highlighting why it’s become a favored choice among many.

Build Quality and Design

The Kmise Banjolele boasts an impressive build quality, merging a small banjo-type body and a fretted concert-size ukulele neck. This combination was highly popular in the 1920s and ’30s, and Kmise has brought it back with a modern touch.

Constructed using Sapele wood, the banjolele offers a sweet, mellow tone with a harp-like quality. The drum head, made of polyester, has excellent elasticity, contributing to the instrument’s quick response. Notably, its 15-inch scale aligns with the traditional concert size.

Performance and Effectiveness

The performance of the Kmise Banjolele is one of its most praised features. Its unique construction results in a light, airy sound with excellent projection and sustain. The banjolele’s tone and volume are further enhanced by the high-quality Aquila strings from Italy, ensuring a rich audio experience.

The banjolele’s action and string height have received positive feedback, with users noting that the setup was straightforward. The instrument comes with a floating bridge banjo, which only requires insertion, making it easy for beginners or those unfamiliar with this type of instrument.

Ease of Use

When it comes to ease of use, the Kmise Banjolele shines. With a drum size of 8.46 inches and a total length of 23.03 inches, it’s a comfortable, lightweight instrument that isn’t hard to handle, making it ideal for beginners.

The banjolele’s user-friendly features extend to its setup. The instrument comes with the exact same j-hook hardware as the Duke 10, which users have found easy to work with and adjust. This makes the Kmise Banjolele a good option for those who want an instrument that they can easily personalize or enhance.

Value for Money

The Kmise Banjolele offers excellent value for money. Despite being a high-quality product from a trusted brand, it is reasonably priced, making it accessible to a wide range of musicians. Considering the potential cost of similar instruments on the market, the Kmise Banjolele stands out as a cost-effective choice.

User Experience

Overall, users have reported positive experiences with the Kmise Banjolele. From its robust build to impressive performance and excellent value, this banjolele ticks all the right boxes. Particular praise has been given to its ease of use, with users appreciating the simple setup process and comfortable design.

However, as with any musical instrument, personal preference plays a significant role. While many users appreciate the offerings of the Kmise Banjolele, others may prefer different brands or models based on their specific needs and preferences.


In conclusion, the Kmise Banjolele (Concert Size) is a highly recommended choice for anyone looking for a high-quality banjolele at an affordable price. Its superior construction, great performance, and reasonable price make it a standout choice in its category.

Whether you’re just starting your musical journey or looking to add to your collection, the Kmise Banjolele offers a blend of quality, performance, and affordability that’s hard to beat. With this accessory, you can ensure that your playing experience is both rich and satisfying.

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