Kala U-Bass Baritone Ukulele Review 2024

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Kala U-Bass Baritone Ukulele Review 2024

Kala U-Bass Baritone Ukulele: A Comprehensive Review

In the diverse world of stringed instruments, the Kala U-Bass Baritone Ukulele carves out a unique niche, combining the compact charm of a ukulele with the deep, resonant tones of a bass guitar. This review delves into the design, sound quality, playability, and overall value of the Kala U-Bass, offering insights into why it has captured the hearts of both ukulele aficionados and bassists looking for a portable solution.


The Kala U-Bass, with its innovative design and remarkable sound, challenges the conventional boundaries between ukuleles and bass guitars. It’s a testament to Kala’s commitment to quality and creativity, offering a distinctive musical experience that appeals to a broad spectrum of players.

Design and Build Quality

Materials and Craftsmanship

The Kala U-Bass series boasts a variety of models, each crafted with attention to detail and quality materials. The baritone size, slightly larger than a tenor ukulele but significantly smaller than a standard bass guitar, offers a comfortable middle ground for players of all sizes. Many models feature solid wood construction, such as mahogany or spruce tops, with mahogany back and sides, ensuring durability and excellent sound resonance.

Unique Features

One of the defining features of the Kala U-Bass is its polyurethane strings, which contribute to its deep, bass tones despite the instrument’s compact size. Additionally, the U-Bass is equipped with custom electronics, allowing for amplified play without losing the warmth and richness of its acoustic sound.

Sound Quality and Performance

Acoustic Characteristics

The Kala U-Bass delivers a surprisingly deep and rich tone, rivaling that of a traditional electric bass guitar. The unique string material allows for decent articulation, avoiding the floppiness or mushy attack that might be expected from such thick strings on a small instrument. This makes the U-Bass versatile across various genres, from jazz and blues to folk and pop.

Amplified Play

When plugged in, the U-Bass shines, thanks to its built-in custom electronics. The preamp system typically includes volume and tone controls, sometimes accompanied by an onboard tuner, providing players with flexibility in shaping their sound for any performance setting.


Action and Setup

The action on the Kala U-Bass is generally set up to facilitate easy playability out of the box. While the strings may appear high at the 12th fret, this setup accommodates the unique playing style and string vibration of a bass instrument, ensuring comfortable play without buzz or strain.

Fretboard and Neck

The frets are uke-sized, slim and well-spaced, making it easy for players to transition between notes and chords smoothly. The neck’s profile is designed to be comfortable for both ukulele players and bassists, providing a familiar feel that encourages extended play sessions without discomfort.


The Kala U-Bass is not just a novelty; it’s a fully-functional bass instrument that’s as at home in a studio setting as it is around a campfire. Its size makes it perfect for traveling musicians or those with limited space, while its sound quality ensures it’s taken seriously on stage and in recording sessions. Whether you’re laying down a groove in a jazz combo or accompanying a ukulele ensemble, the U-Bass can handle it.

Value for Money

Considering the innovative design, quality materials, and versatility, the Kala U-Bass offers significant value for its price. While it may carry a premium compared to standard ukuleles, its unique capabilities and the inclusion of professional-grade electronics justify the investment, particularly for serious musicians seeking a portable yet powerful bass option.


The Kala U-Bass Baritone Ukulele stands as a remarkable fusion of ukulele charm and bass depth, offering musicians a unique instrument that doesn’t compromise on sound or playability. Its thoughtful design, coupled with quality craftsmanship, ensures it transcends novelty status to become a valuable tool in any musician’s arsenal. Whether you’re a seasoned bassist in need of a travel-friendly option or a ukulele player looking to expand your musical horizons, the Kala U-Bass is worth considering. Its ability to bridge the gap between two distinct musical worlds while maintaining a high standard of performance is truly impressive, making it a standout choice for players across the spectrum.

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