Ibanez GRX20ZBKN Electric Guitar Review 2023

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Ibanez GRX20ZBKN Electric Guitar Review 2023

The Ibanez GRX20ZBKN electric guitar is a full-sized, double cutaway solid body guitar. It offers the classic combination of great sound, frets that are easy to press down (for fast riffs) and neck that’s nice and thin.

Right off the bat you’ll notice that this guitar has black hardware which really makes it look sharp. The tuners are quality tuners; they make it easy for you to tune your instrument quickly and precisely. The black finish on these tuners matches well with the black hardware all around giving the entire instrument a very sleek appearance.

The neck is made out of outstanding tonewood material making it one of the nicest necks I’ve ever played on an electric guitar. The neck is a satin maple neck with a rosewood fretboard which feels smooth and comfortable when you play it. Looking at the neck from the side you’ll notice that it’s fairly thin too – one of the thinnest necks I’ve ever played on a full-sized electric guitar, in fact. In addition to making your performance feel amazing, this thin profile also makes it easier for players that have smaller hands to play this instrument. For people that are new to playing, they might find it difficult at first getting used to a wide fretboard but most seasoned players will love how easy it is to bend strings and perform hammer-ons with the GRX20ZBKN electric guitar’s slim neck profile.

This particular model features a single humbucker pickup that gives you the classic rock guitar sound. It also comes with two volume knobs and one tone knob. You can use these knobs to adjust your tone as well as the volume of the output (this is how loud your guitar will be when it’s played).

This Ibanez electric guitar has non-locking tuners which means that they’re not as easy to tune as other guitars – locking tuners help you make extra precise adjustments because they hold your strings in place tightly. However, this instrument does come with a nut and a strap button on the neck of the instrument making it easier for you to attach a strap and keep yourself from dropping your instrument while playing standing up. The nut is made out of black plastic which is the only thing on the entire instrument that’s made out of this material. Despite being made of plastic, you won’t have any problem keeping your strings in tune when you use the nut – it holds each string tightly against each fret so that your instrument will stay in tune for a very long time.

Ibanez has been around for over 50 years making electric guitars and basses helping musicians all over the world create music with their instruments. The Ibanez GRX20ZBKN guitar makes it easier than ever to take control over your sound because it comes with three different knobs (for tone, volume and pickup select). You can adjust these knobs to make to your sound as soon as you start playing.

In addition to the great features this instrument has, it’s also very affordable – you can purchase this guitar for under $300 which is a great deal for an electric guitar of this quality.

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