Gretsch Electromatic G5422TG Electric Guitar Review 2023

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Gretsch Electromatic G5422TG Electric Guitar Review 2023

Gretsch Electromatic G5422TG: A Comprehensive Review

Gretsch has long been a respected name in the world of guitars. Known for their unique style and exceptional sound, Gretsch guitars are often sought after by many musicians. One of their popular models is the Gretsch Electromatic G5422TG, a hollow body electric guitar that offers a vintage aesthetic with modern features. In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the design, features, performance, and overall value of the G5422TG to help you make an informed decision about whether this guitar is right for you.

Design and Aesthetics

The Gretsch Electromatic G5422TG is a double-cutaway hollow body guitar, featuring a laminated maple body and neck. The guitar’s arched top and back contribute to its classic look and provide a comfortable playing experience. The body is finished in a high-gloss urethane, available in various colors like Snow Crest White, Walnut Stain, and Cadillac Green, ensuring that there is a finish to suit every taste.

The neck of the G5422TG is a standard “U” shape, providing a comfortable grip for most players. The fingerboard is made from rosewood and features 22 medium jumbo frets, with Pearloid Hump Block inlays adding a touch of sophistication to the guitar’s appearance.

One of the most striking aspects of the G5422TG’s design is the gold hardware, which includes a Bigsby B60 vibrato tailpiece, Grover tuning machines, and an Adjusto-Matic bridge with a secured rosewood base. This gold hardware not only adds to the visual appeal of the guitar but also contributes to its overall quality and functionality.


The Gretsch Electromatic G5422TG is equipped with a pair of Black Top Filter’Tron pickups, designed to deliver a versatile range of tones suitable for various music genres. These pickups are known for their bright, clear sound, with a slight hint of warmth that adds depth to the guitar’s overall tone.

The controls on the G5422TG include separate volume knobs for each pickup, a master tone control, and a master volume control. This setup allows for precise adjustments to the guitar’s tone, enabling players to dial in their desired sound with ease. Additionally, the three-position pickup selector switch helps to further shape the guitar’s tonal options.

Another notable feature of the Gretsch Electromatic G5422TG is the Bigsby B60 vibrato tailpiece. This iconic piece of hardware not only adds to the guitar’s vintage aesthetic but also provides smooth, expressive vibrato effects that can enhance your playing style.


The performance of the Gretsch Electromatic G5422TG is impressive, offering a wide range of tones suitable for various styles of music. The Black Top Filter’Tron pickups deliver a bright, clear sound that can easily cut through a mix, while the warmth provided by the hollow body construction adds depth and resonance to the guitar’s overall tone.

The G5422TG’s neck is comfortable to play, with the “U” shape providing a familiar grip for most players. The medium jumbo frets and Pearloid Hump Block inlays make navigating the fingerboard a breeze, ensuring that your playing experience is as smooth as possible.

The Bigsby B60 vibrato tailpiece allows for expressive, smooth bends and vibrato effects that can add flair to your playing. The gold hardware not only looks great but also functions well, with the Grover tuning machines ensuring stable tuning and the Adjusto-Matic bridge providing reliable intonation.

Overall Value

Considering its design, features, and performance, the Gretsch Electromatic G5422TG offers excellent value for money. The guitar’s vintage aesthetic, combined with modern features like the Black Top Filter’Tron pickups and Bigsby B60 vibrato tailpiece, make it a versatile instrument suitable for a wide range of musical styles.

While the G5422TG may not be the most affordable guitar on the market, its quality construction and attention to detail make it a worthwhile investment for those seeking a reliable, great-sounding instrument. Whether you are a professional musician or an enthusiastic hobbyist, the Gretsch Electromatic G5422TG is a guitar that can deliver the performance and style you desire.

In conclusion, the Gretsch Electromatic G5422TG is an excellent choice for guitarists seeking a hollow body electric guitar that offers a unique combination of vintage aesthetics and modern features. With its impressive design, versatile sound, and comfortable playability, this guitar is sure to become a favorite in your collection. If you’re considering adding a new guitar to your arsenal or are simply looking for a stylish, high-quality instrument, the Gretsch Electromatic G5422TG should definitely be on your radar.

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