Epiphone Swingster Electric Guitar Review 2023

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Epiphone Swingster Electric Guitar Review 2023

Epiphone Swingster Electric Guitar Review

The Epiphone Swingster electric guitar is a versatile and stylish instrument that has captured the hearts of many musicians over the years. With its vintage design, incredible sound, and affordable price point, it’s no wonder that this guitar is so popular among both beginners and experienced players alike. In this review, we will delve into the features, specifications, and playability of the Epiphone Swingster to help you decide if this is the right guitar for you.

Design and Aesthetics

The Epiphone Swingster boasts a classic hollow body design inspired by the legendary Gibson ES-335. It features a laminated maple body with a single-cutaway, providing easy access to the higher frets. The guitar comes in two stunning finishes: Wine Red and Sunrise Orange. Both options have a high-gloss finish, giving the Swingster a sleek and polished look.

One of the most striking visual aspects of the Epiphone Swingster is its F-holes, which not only add to the guitar’s vintage aesthetic but also contribute to the resonance and projection of its sound. Additionally, the Swingster features a beautifully designed headstock with an Epiphone logo and a “vine” inlay that adds a touch of elegance to the overall appearance.

Hardware and Electronics

When it comes to hardware, the Epiphone Swingster does not disappoint. The guitar is equipped with a LockTone Tune-O-Matic bridge and a Bigsby B30 vibrato tailpiece, both of which contribute to its excellent tuning stability and intonation. The Swingster also has Grover 18:1 ratio tuners, ensuring precise tuning adjustments and long-lasting tuning stability.

The electronics on the Epiphone Swingster are equally impressive. The guitar features two SwingBucker pickups, specifically designed for the Swingster series. These humbuckers have a clear, warm tone with plenty of output, making them suitable for various music genres, including rock, blues, and jazz. Additionally, the guitar has a three-way pickup selector switch, allowing you to choose between the neck, bridge, or both pickups.

One unique feature of the Epiphone Swingster’s electronics is the push/pull series-parallel switching on both volume knobs. This allows you to switch between series and parallel wiring configurations, giving you more tonal options and versatility. In the series mode, the pickups produce a rich, full sound, while the parallel mode offers a brighter, more focused tone.


The Epiphone Swingster is designed with player comfort in mind. The SlimTaper D-profile neck is made from mahogany and features a 24.75-inch scale length, making it comfortable to play for extended periods. The rosewood fingerboard has 22 medium-jumbo frets and beautiful pearloid block inlays, ensuring smooth and precise finger movement.

The hollow body design of the Swingster not only contributes to its vintage aesthetic but also plays a significant role in the guitar’s playability. The lightweight construction makes it easy to hold and play for long periods, while the single-cutaway design ensures easy access to the higher frets. The Bigsby B30 vibrato tailpiece also adds a touch of flair to your playing style, allowing you to create subtle pitch variations and expressive vibrato effects.

Sound and Performance

The Epiphone Swingster is known for its versatile and rich sound, making it a popular choice among musicians across various genres. The SwingBucker pickups deliver a warm, clear tone with enough output to handle overdriven and distorted sounds. The push/pull series-parallel switching adds even more versatility to the guitar’s tonal palette, giving you access to a wide range of sounds suitable for rock, blues, jazz, and more.

The hollow body design of the Swingster also contributes to its unique sound, providing a natural resonance and warmth that is perfect for jazz and blues. However, the guitar is equally at home in rock and country settings, thanks to its powerful pickups and versatile electronics.

Pros and Cons


  • Classic hollow body design with a vintage aesthetic
  • Versatile sound suitable for various music genres
  • High-quality hardware and electronics
  • Comfortable playability


  • Hollow body design may not be suitable for all players
  • Some players may prefer a more traditional two-volume, two-tone control layout

The Epiphone Swingster electric guitar is a fantastic instrument that offers a unique combination of vintage design, versatile sound, and comfortable playability. With its high-quality hardware, electronics, and construction, it’s no wonder that this guitar has become a favorite among musicians of all levels. Whether you’re a beginner looking for your first electric guitar or an experienced player looking to add a hollow body guitar to your collection, the Epiphone Swingster is worth considering. Its impressive features, stunning appearance, and affordable price point make it a great choice for any musician.

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