Best Ukulele for Big Hands

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Top The Best Ukulele for Big Hands

If you have larger hands or long fingers, choosing the right ukulele can be a daunting task. However, with careful research and consideration, you can find the perfect ukulele that offers comfort and exceptional sound quality. This article aims to guide you through some of the best ukuleles for big hands.

Our Top Picks for the Best Ukulele for Big Hands

Tenor Ukuleles: A Go-To for Big Hands

Tenor ukuleles are often recommended for those with larger hands or long fingers. The larger size and wider fret spacing provide ample room for comfortable finger placement, making it ideal even for complex fingerpicking patterns.

Best Ukulele for Big Hands

1) Kala KA-T Mahogany Tenor Ukulele

The Kala KA-T is a fantastic option for those seeking a tenor ukulele with a rich, full sound. Its wider nut width and G to A string spacing offer plenty of room for those with larger fingers.

Best Ukulele for Big Hands

2) Cordoba 20TM-CE Tenor Cutaway Ukulele

The Cordoba 20TM-CE is another excellent choice for big hands. With its cutaway design, it provides easy access to the upper frets, making it ideal for more advanced playing techniques.

Concert Ukuleles: The Next Best Thing

Concert ukuleles are slightly larger than soprano ukuleles and provide a bit more space for finger positioning. They are a viable option for those with larger hands who prefer a brighter tone.

Best Ukulele for Big Hands

3) Lanikai ACST Concert Ukulele

The Lanikai ACST is well-regarded for its wider nut width and spacious fretboard. It offers both comfort and a beautiful sound, making it a great choice for those with larger hands.

Best Ukulele for Big Hands

4) Oscar Schmidt OU5 Concert Ukulele

The Oscar Schmidt OU5 is another great concert ukulele for big hands. Its wider fretboard allows for comfortable play, and it delivers a warm, balanced tone.

Baritone Ukuleles: For the Largest Hands

Baritone ukuleles are the largest of all ukulele sizes and offer the most space for those with large hands. They have a deeper, fuller sound that closely resembles that of a guitar.

Best Ukulele for Big Hands

5) Kala KA-BG Baritone Ukulele 

The Kala KA-BG is a solid choice for those with the largest hands. Its wide fretboard and ample string spacing provide a comfortable playing experience without sacrificing sound quality.

Best Ukulele for Big Hands

6) Cordoba 20BM Baritone Ukulele

The Cordoba 20BM is another excellent baritone option. It offers plenty of room for finger placement and produces a rich, full-bodied sound.


In conclusion, the best ukulele size for large hands depends on your specific needs and preferences. Whether you’re a beginner with big fingers looking for a starter instrument or an experienced player seeking a new addition to your collection, there’s a ukulele out there that’s perfect for you. Remember, the best ukulele is one that feels comfortable in your hands and inspires you to create music. Happy strumming!

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