Ampeg Rocket Bass RB-108 Review

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Ampeg Rocket Bass RB-108 Review

The Ampeg Rocket Bass RB-108: A Comprehensive Review

When it comes to bass amplifiers, the Ampeg Rocket Bass RB-108 is a name worth reckoning. Boasting of a sleek and sturdy design alongside a crisp tone, this amp has been a favourite among bass enthusiasts for a good reason. Today’s article is all about the Ampeg Rocket Bass RB-108, and we are going to give you an in-depth look into its features, pros and cons.

Design and Build Quality

The Ampeg Rocket Bass RB-108 comes in a compact size, making it easy to carry around from one gig to the next. Measuring 15.5 inches wide and 14 inches high, this amp weighs just 29 pounds, making it an ideal choice for musicians who want to travel light. The RB-108 is constructed with a high-quality plywood cabinet; the company opted for this material for its superior acoustics. The tolex covered exterior of this amp assures durable protection from wear and tear, while its rigid handle makes it easy to carry around.

Sound Quality

One of the outstanding features of the Ampeg Rocket Bass RB-108 is its crisp tonal quality. With an 8-inch custom Ampeg speaker specially designed to fit the compact cabinet, the RB-108 delivers an exceptional, well-rounded sound. The 30-Watt solid-state power amp ensures that you get that killer tone you desire. This amp also features a 3-band EQ with bass and treble controls that allow you to create the type of sound you need. Whether you aim to play funk, rock, jazz, or blues, the RB-108 has got you covered.


Lastly, let’s talk about the pricing of the Ampeg Rocket Bass RB-108. Compared to other bass amplifiers in the market, you can get your hands on the RB-108 at an affordable price ranging from $200 to $250. This makes it perfect for beginners and those who are on a tight budget.

Pros and Cons:
Like every product, there are both pros and cons to the Ampeg Rocket Bass RB-108. Some of the advantages of this amp include the high-quality plywood construction, the compact size, and its unprecedented tonal sound quality. On the flip side, if you’re looking to play for a large crowd or an outdoor event, the Ampeg Rocket Bass RB-108 may not be adequate due to its 8-inch custom speaker.


In summary, the Ampeg Rocket Bass RB-108 has been a favourite among bass enthusiasts. With its compact design, sturdy build quality, clear tonal quality, and user-friendly interface, there is no doubt that the RB-108 is a top-performing amplifier. While it may not be the best choice for large outdoor events, its affordability, and portability make it an ideal solution for musicians wanting to travel light. In conclusion, if you’re looking for a high-performance amp at an affordable price, the Ampeg Rocket Bass RB-108 is worth considering.

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