4041-SP Large Omni Mic for Ukulele Review 2024

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4041-SP Large Omni Mic for Ukulele Review 2024

A Comprehensive Review of the 4041-SP Large Omni Mic for Ukulele

The world of microphones is vast and varied, but when it comes to capturing the distinct, mellow tones of the ukulele, one model stands out – the 4041-SP Large Omni Mic from DPA Microphones. This microphone has carved a niche for itself as an ideal choice for recording ukulele due to its precise and highly detailed sound capture. Here’s an in-depth review of this remarkable microphone.

Introduction to the 4041-SP Large Omni Mic

The 4041-SP Large Omni Mic is an omnidirectional condenser microphone designed to work in a standard 48 V phantom power environment. Its unique design features the MMC4041 Large Diaphragm Capsule, which enables it to handle high sound pressure levels without distortion, delivering natural and transparent sound.

Design and Build Quality

The 4041-SP microphone is built to last, with both the diaphragm and housing made from stainless steel. This ensures durability and resilience, making it suitable for various recording conditions. The microphone’s large diaphragm design contributes to its exceptional sensitivity and clarity, making it capable of capturing the finest nuances of the ukulele’s sound.

Sound Quality

When it comes to sound quality, the 4041-SP truly shines. It offers a totally transparent audio path with an exceptionally low noise floor of maximum 8dB(A), ensuring that the focus remains solely on the instrument being recorded. Its ability to handle a sound pressure level capability of 134dB SPL peak makes it ideal for loud sources without any risk of distortion. This makes the 4041-SP a perfect match for the dynamic range of the ukulele, from gentle fingerpicking to strumming.


The 4041-SP Large Omni Mic is not just for the ukulele. Its omnidirectional design and high sound pressure level make it highly versatile, suitable for a variety of acoustic instruments. Whether you’re recording in a professional studio or a home setup with good acoustics, the 4041-SP delivers consistent, high-quality results.

User Reviews

The 4041-SP Large Omni Mic has received rave reviews from users. Musicians appreciate its ability to capture the authentic, warm tones of the ukulele, bringing out the instrument’s true character. Users have also praised its durability, versatility, and ease of use, making it a favorite among both hobbyists and professionals.


In conclusion, the 4041-SP Large Omni Mic from DPA Microphones is an outstanding choice for recording the ukulele. Its superior sound quality, durable construction, and versatility make it a valuable tool for any musician. Whether you’re recording for a professional track or simply capturing your practice sessions, the 4041-SP can elevate your sound to new heights. Remember, the key to recording the ukulele is not just about capturing the sound but about capturing the soul of the instrument, and the 4041-SP does just that.

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