Best Online Open G Guitar Tuning

Online Open G Guitar Tuning (D, B, G, D, G, D)

The open G guitar tuning, called “Spanish Tuning” too, is similar as the D tuning and has almost an identical using. Here is an online guitar tuner recommended for slide users and for G Major songs. Excellent to play phrases and rhythm parts with open strings.

When you learn to play the guitar in open G guitar tuning, the six strings would be tuned up in this cool online guitar tuner according to the following pattern: D, G, D, G, B, D counting from the sixth one (thickest) to the first string (the thinnest).

Guitar Tuner from GTDB

Open G guitar tuning is a popular type of open tuning. This is when you’re able to play a chord without holding down a string on any fret, which is commonly referred to as open chord. Open G guitar tuning is mostly played for blues music, folk songs and slide guitar. Some of the popular musicians playing guitars on Open G guitar tuning are Jimmy Page, Joni Mitchell and White Stripes.

To tune your guitar in Open G guitar tuning competely by ear and without our online guitar tuner, firstly, tune your guitar to standard tuning E, A, D, G, B, E. After that, retune low E string down to a full step to D. To do that, loosen the string and tune it with D string until it produces one identical note. Your low string must be one octave lower compared to D string

Lower down the pitch of the high E string a whole step to D. Perform the exact same procedure to the low E string by dropping the pitch until it sounds like the D string. Your high string should sound one octave higher than D string. After doing this, you now have DADGBD.

Change your string’s pitch down to G. You can use the G string as a reference tone when down tuning the A string. This string should also be tuned one octave lower than G string. At the end, DGDGBD is what you have.

If you want to double check your Open G guitar tuning, to verify if you are in the right tune, you might utilize a chromatic guitar tuner or a piano to confirm pitches.Open G guitar tuning, and this online guitar tuner, are often used by guitarists with several guitars in his rig because it is virtually impossible to find a show with all the songs arranged only for this tonality (G). You should have al least two guitars, while playing one, the other should be tuned by a roadie for the next song’s tonality…or having more guitars in different tunings…one of them in Open G guitar tuning