Best Drop C Guitar Tuning

Drop C Guitar Tuning (D, A, F, C, G, C)

If you are a heavy metal enthusiast but you mostly find difficult to play your favorite rock metal song with your regular guitar – then maybe you should try this Drop C online guitar tuner because your instrument is not tuned in the exact same way that the original band had it. Most likely, those musicians are playing chords on Drop C guitar tuning. Tune your guitar like theirs and get it easier to play those songs.

Guitar Tuner from GTDB

Taste the guitar tuning of this online guitar tuner that is very much similar to Drop D, with one major difference – the rest of the strings are brought one step down. To tune your guitar to Drop C guitar tuning, you first tune to Drop D. Take the thickest string of the guitar, hold it on the seventh fret, and make it sound like the second thickest string when plucked open…this is Drop D tuning. To arrive to Drop C tuning, you need to tune all the other strings one step down…for beginners: use an electronic guitar tuner to double check what you are doing until being sure that your guitar is sounding good.

The standard guitar tuning is EBGDAE. When you use the Drop D tuning, it becomes EBGDAD. In Drop C guitar tuning, turns into DAFCGC. In the music industry, Drop C tuning is called as the transposed Drop D tuning too. Metal bands like System of a Down, Bullet for My Valentine, and Children of Bodom are all popular for using this tuning when recording their songs. The all-time preferred rock band Metallica used Drop C guitar tuning at least once in its career, particularly for the St. Anger album that was released in 2003.

This online guitar tuner is a helpful one, not only for hard rock music aficionados but also for making power chords easier to play. Power chords usually require the fingers to be split by two frets…for small hands people, doing that to achieve the right tune could be so hard to do. But once you have successfully shifted to Drop C guitar tuning, you can easily play power chords on the three thickest strings flawlessly.

You simply have to hold down the same fret on your three thick strings and the power chords would play perfectly. Speed playing and the fast shifting of chords in heavy metal songs are solved effectively by the Drop C guitar tuning. Plainly because it is quite easy to change power chords now, you will be able to play the song better.

In a Drop C guitar tuning, the last 3 strings of the guitar form the C power chord. Playing the guitar strings just with your index finger, you may produce heavy notes on lower register chords without difficulty. Drop C works similarly to Drop D although again, the online guitar tuner here goes one step lower across all stings.To specialize in the Drop C guitar tuning, practice is essential. Play around and play a lot. Experiment with different notes so you familiarize yourself with this guitar tuning and the corresponding online guitar tuner. It would help if you start playing songs that you know so well. Listen attentively to the notes produced and discover the ones utilized on the song playing a Drop C tuned guitar. That way, you’ll be more comfortable playing in these new chords. With Drop C guitar tuning those Metallica songs you love are going to be simpler to play now.